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Top 15 911 Dispatcher Interview Questions
1. What was your greatest accomplishment as a 911 dispatcher?
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List of 911 Dispatcher Interview Questions
  1. What was your greatest accomplishment as a 911 dispatcher?
  2. After each call, how do you evaluate yourself, personally, on how you handled the call and what you could do better next time?
  3. By providing examples, convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and environments.
  4. How often do you second guess your decisions? What makes you do so?
  5. Have you spoken to any other dispatchers on what this position is like?
  6. Describe a job where you've had to provide service to a wide variety of people from diverse racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.
  7. Describe your experience working in a situation where you've had to closely follow rules, regulations, and procedures.
  8. Describe a work situation during which you became very upset, but had to recover quickly. What type of situation; how did you recover?
  9. What experience do you have handling phone calls, or radio even?
  10. Why are you the best 911 dispatcher for us?
  11. How do you learn from your mistakes?
  12. What do you feel is the most important skill a 911 dispatcher should possess?
  13. What decisions are easiest for you to make? What are the most difficult?
  14. How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?
  15. Tell me about a situation where you had to quickly adapt to inevitable changes as a 911 Dispatcher.
  16. How well do you work with people?
  17. What motivates you as a 911 dispatcher?
  18. Would you work holidays and weekends?
  19. What was your biggest disappointment as a 911 dispatcher?
  20. Can you stand above pressure and make calm, rational decisions, in the wake of an emergency?
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Rachelle Enns
Contributing Author
Ryan Brown
911 Dispatcher Information
August 17th, 2017

911 Dispatchers deal specifically with emergency calls. They communicate directly with emergency responders and citizens of their location. 911 dispatchers will be asked to work in a very stressful environment as every phone call can be a situation of urgency where lives are at stake. Emergency dispatchers may also be expected to handle text to telephone calls for the disabled and non-emergency phone calls. Communities often have their 911 dispatchers initiate the Emergency Alert System when needed. All of these duties sum up perfectly how serious the responsibility is for a 911 dispatcher.

911 Dispatchers should be able to handle almost any stressful situation in calm and controlling manner. They should be able to stay focused and alert throughout their work schedule. Dispatchers should be very compassionate and capable of listening and communicating well. They must have an excellent job history that displays a high level of responsibility.

A 911 Dispatcher job interview will be tough for the job seeker. Individuals with a work history as a 911 Dispatcher must be able to answer multiple scenario-based interview questions. Questions to expect: How would you handle an emergency call that dealt with a family member? How would you handle a disruptive caller using inappropriate language? When have you had to multi-task at a previous job? For dispatchers without experience in the field, expect questions that ask how you have handled stress in your line of work. For more 911 Dispatcher interview questions, keep browsing our page,

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Top 911 dispatcher interview questions, put together in an easy to view slideshow. For more 911 dispatcher interview questions, view our page below. Created on March 30th, 2016