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Fire Inspector Interview

34 Fire Inspector Interview Questions

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What are your salary expectations?
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The standard wage for the position.
My experience and qualifications are in line as far as my salary expectation is in question.
I would like to discuss my salary at a later time however with my retirement, I am looking to make a comfortable wage.
The salary in the that was in the want adds is good.
I really dont mind what you give me I really like helping the community and staying focus on my job role.
My salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications.
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What are the biggest lessons you have learned in fire inspection so far?
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You should learn from your mistake.
Pay attention to details and pay attention to your surroundings for potential violations.
Work with the customer to help resolve there issues. Than just asking the customer to resolve it themselves then coming back a year latter to find the same problem that was never resolved.
Always go to the code, never do enforcement by memory.
With every tasks that need to be executed, it must be patiently done and it must be done well.
Not to quote code from memory, always look it up.
Not following up on some of the minor violations that could or has turned into major situations.
No matter how much training you have its still not enough.
Earlier in my career, when I would get overwhelmed with work. I would try to work as quickly as possible to show off to my superiors on my production. However, when I would conduct the re-inspection, their were some violations that could been noted during the my first initial inspection. So I learned to take my time during inspections because it saved my time as well as the property owners time in the long run to correct the violation.
I have learned that customer service is paramount.
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Tell me about an assignment that was too difficult for you as a Fire inspector. How did you resolve the issue?
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We had a aircraft hanger at work that was being renovated, all the extinguishers was removed. When the renovation was complete the construction company put ABC extinguishers back up when BC extinguishers where the correct ones to put up. The construction company and the company who leased the building were complaining. So I called FM office at Henrico and told them what I had and what was going on and they sent a representative with me to meet with the construction company and the leaser to solve the problem.
Hard question, I would like to think if I break down any task to smaller components I can do anything, I can not recall a task that I have not been able to complete with the help of others if nessary.
An assignment that was too difficult to me was one that I've never come across in the field before during my time in fire prevention. The situation occurred during a rough smoke control system testing for a new high rise building. Since I was unfamiliar with the testing procedures, I researched the NFPA code requirements for Smoke Control Systems and I requested assistance from my peers during the testing process. As a result, I gained hands on experience, from my peers, as well from the contractors who did the installation.
Embrace the job and use it as a learning tool. The more you known the easier the job becomes.
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Walk me through your resume, highlighting all of your inspection related experience.
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I've had experience with Hallandale Beach fire rescue which I'm currently in at the moment. I've been in the position for 2 years now. Before then I was the University of Miami Medical Campus as their fire and life safety technician for 3 years. I began my career with the Seminole tribe as a fire inspector back in 2009.
Yes, 3 years in inspecting buildings on the airport.
Yes as stated previously I worked my up the ranks from firefighter to inspector. The last 13 years as a inspector.
No I do not, as a candidate I would have the fire marshal train me to the best of his abilities.
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Do you have any formal training from a fire academy?
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About Fire Inspector

April 2nd, 2017

Fire inspectors are responsible for inspecting buildings and structures to ensure that they are in compliance with local, state and federal fire codes. During their inspection, they identify potential fire hazards and issue warnings if fire standards are not adhered to. They also test fire protection equipment and alarms, conduct fire safety education programs in schools and workplaces, review emergency evacuation plans and determine the cause and origin of fires.
Most fire inspectors have work experience as firefighters or police officers, which would imply that they have completed a postsecondary program for EMTs or emergency medical technicians. Completing a 2 or 4-year degree in fire science, chemistry or engineering will open several advancement opportunities.
This is a physically demanding job. Fire inspectors must have quick reflexes, a keen eye for detail and superb problem-solving skills.
At the interview for a fire inspector job, prospective employers ask applicants a wide range of questions to ascertain their suitability for the job as well as their passion for the job. Before going for the interview spend some time thinking about how you will answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses and your long and short term career goals. The interviewer will likely also give you a mock scenario and ask you to give details about how you would handle such a situation. Being prepared with compelling answers is the key to a successful interview. The best way to do this is by reading through more fire inspector mock interview questions and rehearsing answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.