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25 Firefighter Interview Questions

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Have you or anyone you know, lost their home in a fire?
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I have not but I know a family that recently had. They lost everything that night.
What makes you more qualified then others for this position?
Not a house, but a restaurant the cook left the stove running.Ended up buring the whole building.
One of my cousins was killed in a home fire about 7 years ago.
My sister in laws family lost their home in a fire, they live in the Tulsa area and I remember it being very hard for them to rebuild and get over all the loss they had. I remember them being so so grateful for the firefighters being able to save what they could and it made me realize how fulfilling a job in the fire service could be.
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What is the most important trait a firefighter must possess?
User-Submitted Answers
The most important trait a firefighter must possess is intelligence. A firefighter must be able to solve problems as they arise and solve them in a timely manner because a lot of times peoples lives are at stake. Decisions won't always be easy but an intelligent firefighter will be able to think through options quickly and make smart and safe decisions.
The most important trait a firefighter must possess is the ability to stay calm under stress meanwhile being able to make fast and accurate decisions while under stressful situations.
To save the life's of civilian and protect property's from threat.
The most important trait a firefighter must possess is intelligence. A firefighter must know exactly what to do in any situation because peoples lives can depend on their decisions in stressful situations.
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How do you resolve a conflict with a coworker or supervisor?
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I resolve my conflicts by pulling the person aside to a separate room and communicating to them about what is bothering me; resolving the matter with the person that I have that conflict with.
I would confront the coworker or supervisor one on one to settle the problem, since I wouldn't want problems for him/she to think other reasons which I can get him/her mad outside of work or later on in the future.
The best way to go about conflict resolution is to speak with each member separately and find what the issue is. Then you can have a good handle on the problem and meet with everyone involved and have a civil discussion about the problem.
By showing good team player, handle the situation that happen bad with positive mind thinking or good attitude.
I would have a talk with that person and if I am unable to resolve the problem I would escalate it to another superior.
If I had a conflict with someone I would first take it to that person in a calm, understanding manner. Sometimes being understanding can lead people to think youre being condensending but I think its important to let whoever you are talking to let them know that you understand where they are coming from and you are trying to see their viewpoint. I know working at a fire service and in such close quarters with muplitle people for so much time every week that conflicts will arise and its important to be able to resolve those as quickly as possible and not let it affect our performance.
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How well do you get along with other people?
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I get along great with other people I work with. In fact, I am always complimented by others that I work with for helping them out with questions they may have to just having a good conversation over lunch.
I love to meet people regardless of race since I am open-minded on learning other cultures and races.
I have a neutral personality, which means that I find common ground with various personalities and am able to forge friendships with the brutes of characters.
Start up with a positive conversation.
I get along very well with other people. I have worked at different jobs since I was sixteen years old and when I have never had any problems with co workers, even when their viewpoints are completely different from mine. I know in the fire service we need to be able to get along with so many different types of people on a daily basis and we get the opportunity to interact with so many individuals that being able to get on everyones levels is very important and helpful.
I would have a talk with that person and if I am unable to resolve the problem I would escalate it to another superior.
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What would make you a great firefighter?
User-Submitted Answers
I would make a great firefighter because caring for those in their time of need is my passion. I am a hard-working, motivated individual that works great in a team setting.
To rescue people from dangerous situations, like collapsed or burning building and jungle.
I love helping people, I like the idea of being able to help my community. I love the challenge of working in the fire service, and I know from the ride alongs I've been on that even though our daily duties are planned out, they can change at a moments notice when we get an emergency call. I love the idea of the comoraderie of working together, I know from being on the football team that when you spend a lot of time with like minded people that it can create a very strong bond.
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About Firefighter

August 26th, 2017

Firefighters are trained to respond to different types of emergencies, ranging from fires, flooding and chemical spills to car crashes and water rescue operations. Their main aim is to rescue humans and animals from life-threatening situations. Firefighters undergo intensive training in first-aid, safety protocols under different circumstances and the use of firefighting and varied rescue equipment. They work for local firefighting services, the armed forces, airports, and ports.
There are no minimum academic requirements to become a firefighter, though taking subjects such as chemical science, engineering or material science can boost job prospects and open up promotional avenues. Firefighters must have above average physical strength and stamina, excellent eyesight and hearing, be able to think and act quickly under pressure and work well as a team member.
At your interview, the interviewer will want to know more about why you chose this particular path and whether you are aware of the risks involved. To get hired as a firefighter, your replies must reflect your passion and commitment to saving human life under the most extreme circumstances. One way to prepare for your upcoming interview is by thinking about how you will answer some of the questions that interviewers typically ask at firefighter interviews. You can find these questions listed at Mock Questions.