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With which surveillance systems are you most familiar?

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    With which surveillance systems are you most familiar?

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    What is your greatest strength, and how will it help you as a Security Manager?

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    How do you remain focused during long or overnight shifts?

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    Tell me about your experience with managing others. Who have you led, and how would you describe your management style?

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    In which security technology do you bring the most experience and knowledge?

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    Have you ever planned security for a special event? If so, describe your approach.

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    Where do you see your security career taking you in the next 5 years?

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    Tell me about the most serious conflict you have faced in your security career. How did you handle the situation?

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    How do you handle situations that could cause you to be late or absent?

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    How do you respond in high-pressure or dangerous situations?

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    Why did you initially choose a career as a Security Manager?

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    How do you remain in-the-know on new security measures and helpful tools?

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    Tell me about one security-related situation where you wish you would have reacted differently.

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    Do you work well under pressure? Provide an example of a time when you reacted appropriately when others may not have.

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    What do you enjoy most about working in a team-based environment?

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    Are you willing to comply with all required background checks?

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    What is your greatest weakness as it relates to your career as a Security Manager? What are you doing to improve on this weakness?

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    Why are you the best Security Manager for us?

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    What motivates you to protect people and property?

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    Are you a detail oriented person? If so, provide an example to support your response.

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    As a Security Manager, you will be leading a team of other security professionals. Tell me about your leadership experience and approach.

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    There are many Security Manager jobs available in our area. Why do you want to work for our security company, specifically?

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    Why is security an important career for you? What motivates you to do a good job?

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    What type of security issues do you most commonly face, and how do you typically respond?

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    How does this Security Manager position fit into your overall career plans?

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    There are many niches in the security industry. In which industries or sectors do you have the most security experience?

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    Walk me through your security-related education and training.

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    Describe a time when you successfully trained a new staff member on security procedures.

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    How do you ensure that your team remains diligent and compliant with the security measures you put into place?

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    What do you enjoy most about your current role? What would you change if you could?