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Darby Faubion has been a Nurse and Allied Health Educator for over 20 years. She has clinical experience in several specialty areas, including pediatrics, medical-surgical, critical care, and hospice.

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In the healthcare services industry there are many emotions in a day. Have your emotions ever been in the way of your productivity?

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The Mount Sinai Hospital Interview

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    In the healthcare services industry there are many emotions in a day. Have your emotions ever been in the way of your productivity?

      How to Answer

      The interviewer wants to know if you consider yourself to be an emotionally driven person. Talk to the interviewer about your emotions and if they have ever affected your productivity at work.

      Keep in mind - almost everyone is an emotional creature to some degree, but there are other ways that you can describe yourself that have a more positive connotation. If you are passionate, you could choose to refer to yourself as:

      - Expressive
      - Communicative
      - Open
      - Unreserved
      - Warm Hearted

      Darby's Answer

      "Everyone is emotional to a certain degree, and I would consider myself kind-hearted and open. A career in healthcare can be emotional at times; however, I choose to focus on the positives. For instance - if we are close to losing a patient, I will focus on the positive memories rather than the illness. This mindset has consistently allowed me to continue with a productive shift no matter the emotions that come my way. "

      Ryan's Answer

      "This is a great question. I think the right answer is, 'of course, but not for long'! We've all had those tough cases. A child dies, a patient yells at you, or you have to give someone a cancer diagnosis. Its professional to take a few minutes after an encounter like that and let those emotions come and go. I cope with these emotions by telling myself that it's not my story, its the patient's story. I think it's okay to be moved by someone else's experience, but I don't need to make it mine."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Emotions are bound to arise, but I have learned to let them come and go to stay focused and professional with my work."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Your answer is good but try answering more directly.

      "I have never allowed my emotions to get in the way of my productivity. If I am feeling emotional, I will take the time to acknowledge how I feel, and then move on with my day. I believe that my yoga and meditation work helps me to control my emotions better than the average individual. I am very even-keeled and consistent with my emotions."

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