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D. Leo is a retired OBGYN, pelvic surgeon, and health educator. He is also a published non-fiction author for McGraw-Hill.

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Who has been your mentor during your career as an anesthesiologist?

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    Who has been your mentor during your career as an anesthesiologist?

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    In your opinion, what is the most concerning issue facing the medical industry today?

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    What is your communication objective with a patient prior to surgery?

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    Where do you see your career as an anesthesiologist taking you in the next 5 years?

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    We believe in the continual development of our faculty, both professionally and personally. What is your self-development plan?

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    What type of work schedule are you looking for?

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    What precautions do you take for a patient with poor health?

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    What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through your work as an anesthesiologist?

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    What other hospitals have you applied to?

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    What do you know about our hospital?

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    Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.

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    What aspect of anesthesiology excites you the most?

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    How well do you think you have performed in this interview today?

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    Tell me about your leadership qualities.

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    Why did you want to become an anesthesiologist?

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    As an anesthesiologist, there is a chance that your patient will not make it out of surgery. How would you handle that?

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    What do you feel is the single most important quality an anesthesiologist should possess?

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    What questions do you have for us?

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    How would you like to see the delivery of healthcare evolve?

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    What are your salary expectations?

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    How do you manage your time?

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    What do you like most about your current position?

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    If you could meet anyone in the history of medicine, who would you choose and why?

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    How do you express your opinions on controversial topics such as abortion, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, and cloning?

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    What has been your biggest a challenge as an anesthesiologist, and what did you learn from it?

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    Are there any situations when a physician is justified in lying to a patient?

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    Would you ever consider relocation?