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At Ethicon, we do a lot of cross functional team projects. Tell me about a project team you've been on and your role.

"At my company, I was selected to represent my department in a larger project team to implement a new CRM system. We met weekly, sometimes twice a week for about 12 months, My role was to make sure our old CRM system data converted into the new one and that it was organized in a useful way. I collaborated with IT as well as the project manager for the new system to make sure the data was useful and organized. When the new system launched, our old and rich data was there and useable so that we could maintain relationships we our customers seamlessly."

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  • 1. At Ethicon, we do a lot of cross functional team projects. Tell me about a project team you've been on and your role.

  • 2. At Ethicon, our products are focused on helping surgeons and operating room staff provide excellent results for the patients they are operating on. Do you have any personal experience with this product line?

  • 3. Have you ever had a time where your ethics were tested on the job? What was the situation and how did you handle it?

  • 4. Talk about a time that you gave your opinion or viewpoint when you normally wouldn't have in that situation. What compelled you to speak up and what was the outcome?

  • 5. Many of our projects have very strict timelines. Tell me about a time you missed a deadline or deliverable and how you handled it.

  • 6. At Ethicon, our organization is highly matrixed with US and global partners on our teams. How have you navigated this kind of environment in the past?

  • 7. At Ethicon, an important piece of our Credo is our employees having a sense of security, fulfillment and purpose in their work. What does it take for you to find purpose and fulfillment in the work that you do?

  • 8. In the medical device industry, there is a lot of industry jargon and lingo and many acronyms to learn to understand the business. What are some strategies you've used to acclimate quickly when you've started a new job in the past?

  • 9. At Ethicon, giving back to the community is really important to us. What are you doing in your current position to give back?

  • 10. What unique traits will you bring to our team here at Ethicon?

  • 11. Part of the Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson Credo states that we will strive to provide value and reduce costs to our customers. What are ways that you are resourceful in helping to reduce costs in your work?

  • 12. In the medical device industry, it is important our teams are cohesive so we can continue to drive excellence. Tell me about a time you gave feedback to a peer?

  • 13. What is a work accomplishment you feel very proud about that you'd like to share?

  • 14. How do you want to grow your career within the medical device industry?

  • 15. What importance do you feel that feedback from your customers and/or colleagues plays in your work? Have you every proactively sought out feedback in your work?

  • 16. At Ethicon, we believe in continuous feedback so we can all improve. When is a time you received constructive feedback?

  • 17. Do you have any direct experience working with surgery focused products or in healthcare in general? If not, what will be important for you to transition effectively into this role?

  • 18. Here at Ethicon, our quality focus extends to product stewardship and sustainability in regard to them being eco-friendly. What types of sustainability programs do you have experience working with during your career to this point?

  • 19. At Ethicon, we've been voted a best place to work. What kind of working environment do you thrive in?

  • 20. In the medical device industry, we are highly regulated by the FDA and other entities. What experience do you have working with regulatory bodies?

  • 21. In the medical device industry, a background in science is really helpful so you can learn how our products work and help save lives. Tell me more about your background in health sciences or anatomy.

  • 22. At Ethicon, we continuously strive to use data to improve our work quality. How do you use data in your work to make sure that your work is the best possible?

  • 23. At Ethicon, our medical device products touch lives throughout the world. We have offices in over 20 countries. Tell me about experience you have working with a global workforce.

  • 24. Give an example of a time that you showed great commitment to a customer or colleague that you worked with. Why was the commitment necessary and what helped make the committed relationship successful?

  • 25. The technology in the medical device industry is changing rapidly. At Ethicon, we are investing in new technology to help patients and our teams do their jobs more effectively. How do you keep up to speed with changing technology?

  • 26. At Ethicon, we have worked very hard to make sure our workforce is inclusive and represents our customer population. Tell me about your experience in working with diverse groups of people in a work setting.

  • 27. At Ethicon, our medical devices can truly change people's lives. Sometimes, though, a patient may have a question or concern about one of our devices. How have you handled a difficult customer interaction in a previous position?

  • 28. What interests you about working in the medical device industry?