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B. Braun Medical Interview

29 Questions and Answers by
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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Tell me about a contribution you made to the last team you worked on.

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B. Braun Medical Interview Questions


  1. Tell me about a contribution you made to the last team you worked on.
    • It is essential to show the interviewer that you are a team player. Talk about a time that you were recently expected to achieve a goal in a team setting. How did you go above and beyond to ensure that your contribution was felt?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Last month our company asked upper management to complete a full inventory audit. There were 4 of us in total and so we broke the audit requirements into shifts. These shifts had to take place when the warehouse was closed. In the end, there was one additional shift that nobody wanted to take. I volunteered myself to do that shift to show my dedication to my job and my co-workers. The gesture was appreciated, and the audit was completed on time."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "My biggest contribution to my last team came in the form of leadership. I am a natural leader and can foster strong communication with my team which directly impacted the overall results."


  1. At B. Braun Medical we use a variety of robust internal software programs. What type of programs and software are you well versed in? Do you consider yourself tech savvy?
    • You may not need to know the exact programs used by B. Braun Medical S.A. but you should be able to outline to the interviewer the programs that you are accustomed to using and how those skills are transferable. Be sure to mention any general programs that you are well versed in such as Excel or PowerPoint.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I pick up on new programs very quickly and quite enjoy the challenge of learning new technology. For instance; I attended courses in Excel last year to improve my abilities in pivot tables and other advanced skills. For industry related experience, I am an intermediate user in Program ABC and XYZ. I believe many components of these programs are similar to your proprietary software."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Could you share with me the programs and software used most regularly by B. Braun Medical S.A.? I have experience in A, B, and C also I have exposure to a variety of software that may be related to the software used here."


  1. Tell me about the most rewarding experience you have had, working in a team environment. What made it so rewarding?
    • The interviewer wants to hear that you feel accomplished through teamwork. Talk about a time when you felt fulfilled through a team setting or project collaboration.

      An example may be a time when you worked on a team project in University, a recent work collaboration, or possibly an extracurricular experience such as coaching a little league team.

      Discuss the positive results of the teamwork and how you attained a positive outcome as a group.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "The most rewarding teamwork experience that I have had was in my last year of university. We were assigned a project in teams of 4 which accounted for quite a large part of our grade. I believe everyone pulled more than their weight because so much was at stake. Teamwork is very rewarding when everyone has something to win, or lose."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I almost always find working in a team environment to be very rewarding; however, one of the most notable experiences came from my most recent position. We had a team of sales, marketers, and design professionals who collaborated to create a new brand strategy for the company. I learned a lot and had a great time in the process."


  1. At B. Braun Medical we have a wide range of clients all over the state. Are you comfortable managing a large territory that requires 50% overnight travel?
    • Many positions within the healthcare equipment and supply field will require a great deal of travel. Talk to the interviewer about your ability to be away on overnight travel. If you have restrictions on your schedule, this is the time to address that.

      If you can accommodate travel: "Currently, I travel about 40% of the time. I am comfortable with this requirement and happy to do so."

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Currently, I travel about 40% of the time. I am comfortable with this requirement and happy to do so."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "If you cannot accommodate travel: "I can manage a large territory and travel within business hours. Overnight travel can be a bit tricky for me as I am a single parent; however, I can accommodate overnight travel about one week per month with some notice."


  1. How would you describe your personality?
    • Personality and character are two very different things. The interviewer is looking for more information on your traits vs. your integrity. Your example could include buzzwords such as introverted, energetic, and confident.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I would describe my personality as approachable, light-hearted, and positive. I believe that, if asked, my colleagues and supervisor would say the same about me."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Here are some additional descriptive words related to personality:

      - Adaptable
      - Considerate
      - Diligent
      - Exuberant
      - Frank
      - Generous
      - Inventive
      - Persistent
      - Resourceful
      - Sincere"


  1. Have you ever had to fire an employee? What were the reasons for their termination?
    • Terminating an employee is never a task that people like to do. Talk to the interviewer about how you go about employee terminations. How does that conversation usually look?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I have had to terminate employees in the past, yes. These terminations generally stemmed from missed targets or insubordination. I find it challenging to terminate employees because you do care about them and their well being. I have to remind myself that I did absolutely everything that I could to ensure their success but, I cannot carry the full weight."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Unfortunately, this is a part of wearing your management hat. I recently had to separate employment with someone who was under-performing. We coached the individuals, offered additional learning experiences and worked with them on a performance improvement plan. It was the right person in the wrong role, and we had to decide to move forward."


  1. Tell me about a time when you took on a new course to study in order to improve your own work performance.
    • Once you are in your career, it certainly doesn't mean that you need to stop learning. There are many job-related courses available. Talk to the interviewer about the last time you took advantage of these available courses.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Our company offered the Sandler Sales program to anyone in the company who was interested. I took this workshop in 2014 and enjoyed it. My sales increased by 23% that year."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I took a one-day seminar in Microsoft Excel. I already knew the basics, but my boss like using macros and pivot tables, and I was spending a lot of time reading the support section to figure out how to use them. The course was very informative."


  1. If you were hired for this position, what are the first changes you would implement?
    • Most organizations want to avoid on-boarding someone who will make immediate and significant changes. Significant changes are hard on the staff and usually, result in knee-jerk reactions such as mass turnover. It's always best to explain to the interviewer that you plan first to observe to gain a better understanding of the organization's culture and team dynamics. Focus your discussion on building a strong rapport with the staff.

      If you are applying for a promotion within your current organization, you may already know what changes you would like to make upon receiving this position. Share with the interviewer what you have observed while in your current job, the changes you would make, and why you would make those changes.

      Discuss the fact that you will address any urgent and glaring issues immediately; however, assure the interviewer that you will implement significant changes only after you have a thorough understanding of the organizational dynamics.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "If chosen for this position, I do not believe that major and immediate change would be the answer. My first action would be to have a one-on-one meeting with everyone on the leadership team. I would want to learn what the teams greatest challenges are, and how I could alleviate those difficulties. From there, the trickle effect will be strong, and we will see an increase in sales and employee engagement. Only after that would I consider a stronger approach to change."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I like to train in current processes before making changes. I know that my first question would be to ask what is not working. If I can see a quick fix to try, I would try it, but I would likely still need to learn more about the business before making any changes."


  1. At B. Braun Medical we prefer to hire those with formal healthcare and medical training. Do you have related post-secondary education?
    • Take a few minutes to walk the interviewer through your medical training and post-secondary education. Chances are, you have this experience listed on your resume; however, the interviewer is looking for you to expand. Discuss your best course or your most challenging one. You can talk about any awards or recognition achieved while attending your post-secondary training and education. Be sure to tie in why your education will help you in this role.

      If you have related training: "I am a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Nursing from Tennessee Technological University. While attending this program, I found that I have an incredibly strong interest in Human Physiology. This interest has carried into my career and is one of the reasons why I am so excited about what you do at B. Braun Medical S.A.."

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I am a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Nursing from Tennessee Technological University. While attending this program, I found that I have an incredibly strong interest in Human Physiology. This interest has carried into my career and is one of the reasons why I am so excited about what you do at B. Braun Medical S.A.."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "If you do not have related training: "I have performed a great deal of research on B. Braun Medical S.A. and your products. I have approximately eight years of related work experience. Although I do not have formal medical or healthcare training, I am confident in my ability to perform this job function."


  1. At B. Braun Medical we do not have a lot of local competitors; however, the ones we do have are strong competitors. In your opinion, what makes us stand out in the marketplace?
    • Researching the company is a crucial step to take before your job interview. Take note of what B. Braun Medical S.A. focus' on most. Check online reviews to see what the customers are saying. Be sure to research their competitors so that you know what those particular companies are doing well. Where is B. Braun Medical S.A. performing better when measured against their competitors? Keep you answer positive and stick to the facts.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I have conducted some research on B. Braun Medical S.A., your industry, as well as your competitors. One point that stood out to me was the fact that you manufacture your products rather than importing lower quality versions. Your customers seem very pleased with the quality of your products, and I read some positive online reviews!"

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I believe that what makes B. Braun Medical S.A. stand out in the marketplace is the fact that all forms of advertising used are clear, concise, and fit with your brand. Clean branding is a major key to creating trust with consumers; thus, resulting in a successful business!"


  1. One of the ways that we provide great customer service is by offering 24/7 on-site equipment maintenance and repair. How will you contribute to our customer service standards?
    • Excellent customer service is vital in any industry; however, when working with healthcare equipment, one must be extra diligent because your customers, and their patients, rely heavily on you. Talk to the interviewer about your customer service philosophy.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I think it's great that you offer this service 24/7. Being reliable and on-call is the perfect way to make your customers feel secure and trust you. To me, customer service is the most important factor in the success of any business. Your customer must always come first and my day is never done until I know everyone is taken care of."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Here are some other ways you can deliver excellent customer service:

      - Displaying patience with your customers
      - Staying calm and confident in all situations
      - Being attentive to your customers' needs
      - Ability to react effectively to unexpected situations
      - Possessing strong product knowledge
      - Delivering your deadlines on time
      - Being a clear and positive communicator"


  1. At B. Braun Medical our technology and products are intricately designed. Do you have a natural ability to understand, and explain, highly technological products?
    • It is crucial that you research B. Braun Medical S.A. and their products, in detail, before your interview. Are you able to clearly understand the equipment and how it works? Show the interviewer that you already possess insight on their product offerings.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I consider myself highly technical, and I can certainly take the time to learn your products inside and out before joining B. Braun Medical S.A.. I have already taught myself a few things through researching your website. For example - you create product ABC which is an answer to medical issue XYZ. I am excited to learn more!"

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "When I have a clear understanding of the product or process, I have a strong ability to explain things in simple terms. I am technically savvy and also have an analytical mind. I am confident in my ability to quickly learn your products so that I can effectively relay my knowledge to your customers."


  1. There are strict federal regulations and guidelines in our industry that must always be followed. Are you familiar with these, and do you have a history of compliance?
    • If you have experience in the healthcare equipment and service industry, you are likely familiar with the fact that there are strict guidelines and regulations surrounding best practices. Assure the interviewer that you are familiar with this fact and that you understand the importance of compliance.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Earlier in my career, I worked for the U.S Department of Health & Human Services. I became very familiar with the role that the federal government plays in the regulations and guidelines associated with the healthcare industry. I am eager to learn more about the regulations and guidelines which specifically affect B. Braun Medical S.A.."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Although I am new to the healthcare supply and equipment industry, and do not have a thorough understanding of your regulations, I can tell you that I have a strong history of compliance. My background is in health and safety and, with that experience, comes the ingrained knowledge that will transfer well to this role with B. Braun Medical S.A."


  1. The success of our brand relies heavily on our industry reputation and level of trustworthiness. How do you plan to build trust with B. Braun Medical clients?
    • Building trust with clients is vital in the healthcare equipment and supply industry. Assure the interviewer that you are capable of creating a strong rapport with your clients by explaining how you develop and maintain these relationships. Give a relevant example, if possible.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I see that B. Braun Medical S.A. has a solid reputation in the industry which is incredibly valuable. In my current position, I spend a lot of time working with client questions and concerns. I establish trust with my clients by listening intently, delivering accurate answers the first time, and being diligent with my follow up. If hired, I would do the same for B. Braun Medical S.A.."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Here are some ways that you can build trust with your customers:

      - Do not always try to sell them something
      - Offer product and service of value to them
      - Only offer to sell them what they need
      - Never inflate the benefits of a product or service
      - Do not slander the competition to make yourself look better
      - Do not make empty promises
      - Take ownership and never blame the company for mistakes"

      Anonymous Answer

      "B. Braun holds a reputable and trustworthy position among healthcare providers. In medical sales- trust and relationship building with the customers is of utmost importance, and sometimes it is challenging as well. I have experience establishing rapport with customers during my previous job, and for that, it was necessary to give importance to answer the queries accurately and timely. It helps in making a good image of yourself in the customer's view."

      Rachelle's Answer

      You mention some strong ways to build rapport. Can you give a specific example of a time when you took these steps with a client?

      Was this answer helpful? Yes or No


  1. In the healthcare equipment and supply industry, strong attention to detail is incredibly important. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your attentiveness?
    • When the health and wellness of people are at stake, it is vital that all of the details are tended to. Assure the interviewer that you place value on the details. Give an example of a time when your manager or supervisor complimented your attention to detail.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I would rate my attention to detail as an 8 out of 10. There is always room for improvement; however, my current supervisor often comments on how thorough my documentation is. I understand the importance of paying strong attention to detail."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "My attention to detail is a point that I have been working on a lot this past year. I am meticulous but, in the past, have pushed my documentation back a little bit. It's something I am conscious of and continually working on. I would currently rate myself as a 7.5 out of 10 and am aiming to be a 10/10!"


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