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What are your thoughts on competition in music?

Competition can be a great way for students to strengthen their skills. But, competition can be spoiled, if it is not looked at through the right lens. Share with the interviewer how you gauge competition to allow students the best opportunities in life.

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30 Music Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. What are your thoughts on competition in music?

  • 2. Speak about a time you partnered with another colleague to help enhance music in your classroom.

  • 3. What does your classroom atmosphere look like?

  • 4. Explain a time you connected music with another subject in class.

  • 5. What is your background in the Suzuki methodology?

  • 6. What is your music philosophy?

  • 7. How do you develop community through music?

  • 8. What question do you have about the vacant position?

  • 9. When should students use musical instruments in your class?

  • 10. How do you create a lesson plan?

  • 11. What do you do with students who do not like your class?

  • 12. How have you changed your teaching style in the last two years?

  • 13. How would most of your former students describe you?

  • 14. How much administrative support do you need for success?

  • 15. What is your discipline style like?

  • 16. Why are you a great candidate for this music teacher position?

  • 17. Are ensemble trips valuable to you? Why or why not?

  • 18. How do you feel about supervising events outside the normal school day?

  • 19. What makes you want to teach at this school?

  • 20. Why did you leave your last job?

  • 21. What is the last workshop you attended?

  • 22. Describe a professional organization you are a part of.

  • 23. Share a strength and a weakness you have.

  • 24. Share about your favorite music teacher. Why did they make such an impact on you?

  • 25. What personality characteristics should not be involved in teaching?

  • 26. What is the best asset you possess as a music teacher?

  • 27. How do you select music for concerts?

  • 28. Share an experience where you worked with a special education student on music.

  • 29. How important is music to overall education?

  • 30. What has inspired you to become a music teacher?