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SEO Specialist Interview Questions

Ryan Brown
    Job Interviews Careers Marketing SEO Specialist

12SEO Specialist
Interview Questions

  1. What was your biggest keyword related growth by percentage?

  2. What immediate changes would you insist on making with our main website?

  3. Why are you the best SEO Specialist for our company?

  4. Give me three things that you will be able to do for us that most seo experts can not do?

  5. Everyone believes they are an expert in SEO, what actually separates you from the rest?

  6. As we all know, SEO is ever changing, how do you keep current?

  7. Besides receiving traffic from search engines, what other methods could one use to create organic traffic?

  8. How long would you plan on working for us if hired?

  9. What attracts you to our company?

  10. What are backlinks and why are they important?

  11. Describe to me your work ethic.

  12. What topics in SEO do you believe you have room for more knowledge?