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Market Research Analyst Interview

25 Questions and Answers Written by Professional Interviewers

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How do you assist clients who are unclear on their business objectives?
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If you are not sure what exactly a client is trying to accomplish with their business plan, your job will be a whole lot trickier! What are some of your strategies for solving this problem? Before taking on a new project, having your client fill out a questionnaire that lays out their business objectives and what services they need from you will help. Think about some ways you can assist your clients through doing your own target market research to help them define their audience. You can also help them understand trends in the market that could make them more profitable if they would be willing to make some adjustments to their original plan. There are many ways you can use your analytical skills to help businesses and clients. Give an example or talk about a project in one of your courses where you used research, analysis or collaboration to help clarify objectives and move forward.
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Tell me about some of your past experiences that helped prepare you for this role?
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If you don't have professional work experience in the field, you can always talk about your transferable skills. These are skills that you may have gained working in another industry that will help you to be successful in this role. As you prepare for your interview, compare the job description with your resume side by side. What experience do you have in doing research? If you have conducted focus groups in school, talk about how it contributed to your research and how you interpreted the data. Your experience working in customer service will help you as your work with your team and with clients. Discuss your attention to detail and your ability to handle the task of preparing reports and organizing information.
Question 3 of 25
How do you look for vital opportunities that can take your company to the next level?
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Research, observation and team collaboration are all important aspects of advancing a product or a company forward. Think about how you are able to notice these opportunities and how you influence this movement forward. Your role in a company is to continue to analyze data on consumers and competitors, which is one way you can find these opportunities. Looking at sales of a product or service is another way you identify where changes need to be made in order to get to that next level.
Question 4 of 25
How do you feel about public speaking?
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Public speaking can be scary, but with practice you will be a pro! You may be giving presentations to executives and board members as you take on new projects. While this may seem daunting, all you have to do is fine tune your communication skills and learn how to talk to your audience in a relevant way. Knowing how to present the information in the form of a story can be extremely helpful in order to help your audience understand why the information is important and helpful. As you gather the information for your presentation, try practicing your storytelling skills. Think about how you came up with your recommendations. How do all the pieces come together?
Question 5 of 25
Why should I hire you?
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How to Answer
Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? One way to show off your skills is to talk about your accomplishments from school or work. What did you do that made your last presentation a success? How did your research positively influence the visibility and reputation of a brand? Review the job description once more to help you highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the expectations. Talking about a successful project you put together with a team or how you excelled in your internship are great examples of that speak to why any sensible employer would want to hire you.
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