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Growth Marketing Interview

28 Questions and Answers by Marcie Wilmot
Updated November 17th, 2020 | Marcie is the principal and founder of CopyHawk, a company that offers editing, writing, and career coaching services. She loves to revamp client resumes so they can land the job of their dreams.
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How do you understand the behavior of your target customers?

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How do you understand the behavior of your target customers?

It's important as a growth marketer to be able to create content and use marketing tactics that speak to your target customers. The interviewer wants to know how you determine who your target customer is and their behaviors so you know how to effectively relate to them.

Marcie's Answer

"One place I'd look is at the company's social media to see who is following and interacting with it. I'd pay attention to their ages, locations, languages, spending power levels, and stages of life. I'd also delve into what their challenges/pain points and interests are, as this knowledge will influence how we market to them. I'd also examine the company's current customer database and Google Analytics for more information, in addition to monitoring relevant hashtags and keywords online to see what people are saying about the company."


Explain how you would build our email list.

There are a variety of ways a growth marketer might grow an email list. The interviewer wants to see if you choose to discuss a method that would work for their company. Go into some detail and potentially offer a few suggestions.

Marcie's Answer

"There are multiple ways I could accomplish that for you. Taking into account what your company does and how active your target audience is on social media, I would likely choose to run a giveaway. The winner would get an item worth about $70, and I would make sure that the contest was promoted heavily on various social media platforms. I know that this has the potential to garner hundreds, if not thousands, of email addresses. I might also add language to your app and homepage so people can easily sign up in those places as well."


How do you generate and prioritize your ideas?

It is imperative that a growth marketer has processes in place to prioritize their ideas. The interviewer wants to know how you come up with new ideas and how you prioritize their importance. Consider mentioning the ICE Method or another specific prioritization process to show structure in your thinking. You can also mention tools that you use, like Google Analytics or Unbounce, to help you prioritize ideas.

Marcie's Answer

"In terms of idea generation, I read industry blogs to stay up on new trends and to find inspiration for new things to try. I also make sure I am fully aware of the company-specific path customers follow as they travel down the pirate funnel because this shows me where I need to focus next in terms of testing. If awareness is the biggest issue, I'll focus there first, and so on. After every experiment I run, I reconsider the prioritization of my ideas based on the results and how the corresponding changes impact everything."


How do you use marketing automation to help convert leads?

Marketing automation frees up marketers from routine tasks so they can focus on more pressing issues. The interviewer wants to know that you're familiar with this term and can cite examples of how you would use it to convert leads and retain customers. Mention any tools that you have experience using for automation, such as Autopilot, Twilio, or Drips, and discuss how you would use automation in this role.

Marcie's Answer

"I think marketing automation is essential when it comes to converting leads, retaining existing customers, and just keeping marketing processes moving smoothly in general. For example, if customers sign up for a service online, an automated welcome email should be scheduled to go out to them shortly thereafter so they feel confident in their purchase. When it comes to converting leads, if someone visits the website and gives their contact information to show they are interested in a free trial, we can have an email automatically sent to them so they know what to expect. If these tasks were left to someone to be manually handled, they might be overlooked or take too long. And there are numerous other situations as well where automation can be helpful, from responding to help inquiries to sending out feedback and reminder emails."


What's your favorite growth hack?

This question is pretty personal and it will tell the interviewer a lot about your passions and personality. Be honest and tell them about your favorite growth hack. Discuss why it's your favorite and, if possible, connect it to their company and the role.

Marcie's Answer

"This is an easy question for me to answer! I really love the idea of gamifying the onboarding process to make it fun and motivating for the customer. A good example of a company that uses this tactic is Dropbox, and I believe it could be implemented effectively for your company too. Essentially, Dropbox rewards its customers and allows them to unlock more storage as they reach different milestones, like posting positive things about the service and following the company on social media, using camera uploads, referring new users, and other incentives. I think this creates a cool, fun way for customers to spread the word about your company while simultaneously generating goodwill as they receive rewards for their behavior."


Tell me what you know about the pirate funnel.

A commonly used framework in growth marketing, the interviewer wants to confirm that you are familiar with and have experience using the pirate funnel. Impress them by rattling off what the acronym AAARRR stands for, and then give examples of how you've used the pirate funnel in the past.

Marcie's Answer

"I'll start by telling you the components that make up the pirate funnel, which are Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral. Customers naturally flow through each step of this funnel; by examining this flow we can determine where there are gaps or issues. In my last position, using the pirate funnel we were able to pinpoint that retention was a problem for us and we decided to focus our efforts on remarketing, which helped us bring customers back repeatedly to our site."


How do you determine how users interact with a website?

A growth marketer doesn't start by diving right into A/B testing and complex experiments. Before that, they need to learn how users interact with the company website. The interviewer wants to know how you would do this. Talk about the different tools, like Full Story, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, and Hotjar, that you might use to track visitor/user sessions and interactions.

Marcie's Answer

"If you were to hire me, I would start by delving into how users interact with your website. I would determine what path they tend to follow, taking into account the pirate funnel, because this is how I would decide the prioritization of my subsequent testing. There are many different tools available that show what visitors do on a website; my favorite is Hotjar because it incorporates heatmaps, recordings, and even web surveys to figure out how people are using the site, which informs all of my testing decisions."


What is one of your weaknesses?

The interviewer is testing how self-aware you are. You will want to indicate that you know you have flaws but that you're determined to turn them into strengths. Be both confident and humble. Whatever flaws you discuss, make sure you can show them in a positive light and that you are taking steps to remedy them.

Marcie's Answer

"I'd say my biggest flaw is that I can easily get lost in the data because I am so curious and analytical by nature. It's hard for me to stop delving into it. I have to force myself to take a step back at a certain point so I can formulate my takeaways and make decisions about the next steps in terms of my marketing experiment. Without self-discipline, I can easily get carried away and spend too much time analyzing the numbers. Following the same framework every time I run an experiment really helps me to stay focused and on task."


Tell me about your experience running Google Ads campaigns.

The interviewer wants to know that you understand how to drive conversions (and therefore revenue) using Google Ads, likely in tandem with social media advertising. Make sure that you are familiar with the various facets of Google Ads, including the popular strategy of using one keyword per Ad Group, location and device targeting, and bidding strategies. Speak about your past experience using Google Ads or about your eagerness to learn more about it.

Marcie's Answer

"Within my current role, I frequently run Google Ads campaigns. I've spent a lot of time creating and testing ad variations, tweaking copy and keywords, and adjusting landing pages, in addition to playing around with different audience targets. I run frequent A/B tests and analyze the results in order to make calculated and beneficial changes to my campaigns and our website. During the time I've been at the company, I have been able to increase our click-through-rate from 1.5% to 3.4%, which has resulted in many more conversions and higher revenue."


How do you encourage a customer to buy a product or service for the first time?

The interviewer is looking to see if you have any knowledge or experience in creating user tutorials or an onboarding flow. Many products and services are complex and require some hand-holding or training in order to get the customer to the point where they will purchase it and then continue to use it. Mention if you have any experience using tools like Loom or Appcues to produce personalized onboarding flows, surveys, or recorded product tours.

Marcie's Answer

"At my last job, our service provided many nuanced benefits to our customers. The issue was making sure they understood that these features were available to them and how to use them. Our sales and account management teams worked hard to demo our service, but I also suggested that our marketing team put together a recorded video tour of the service as well. We created it using Loom and then put it on our website, in addition to promoting it in emails and other communications. Not only did this video tour help us close more deals because new clients understood better what the service offered, but it also helped us retain existing customers because it ensured that they were taking full advantage of all we had to offer."


Where do you see yourself in five years?

The interviewer wants to get an idea of how ambitious you are and what goals you have. In particular, they want to confirm that you are passionate about growth marketing. While you'll want to be honest in answering this question, you'll definitely want to indicate that you see yourself progressing in the growth marketing industry. Talk about your excitement to learn new skills and how you plan to do that.

Marcie's Answer

"Now that I've been in this industry for several years, I know that it's where I'm meant to be. I love being able to use both my analytical and creatives sides on a daily basis. So to answer your question, I see myself progressing toward the role of a senior growth marketer. I plan to continue gaining hands-on experience at work while also taking online courses to bolster and gain more knowledge."


What is the most surprising thing you have learned from an A/B landing page test?

As a growth marketer, you've likely run many A/B tests on landing pages before. Talk to the interviewer about results that surprised you. Prior to the interview, brush up on different learnings you've witnessed throughout your career so you can easily discuss them. If you lack this type of experience, cite surprising A/B results that you learned about in college or have read about in blogs.

Marcie's Answer

"I have definitely been surprised by A/B test results before! The most notable instance occurred within my current role. In designing our landing page, we were aware that content placed above the fold was more noticeable to a consumer - by 80% per past studies! So we initially placed our call-to-action button in the top half of the landing page. When our conversion numbers weren't where we wanted them to be, we decided to run an A/B test and tried out the CTA button at the bottom of the page. There was a 300% increase in conversions with the CTA button below the fold. Wow! We were very surprised by this revelation but obviously moved forward to make this change."


Have you ever built a presence on social media before?

Building a strong presence on a social media platform takes a significant amount of work. The interviewer wants to ensure that you know how to do this and the kind of effort it takes. If you have experience in this area, discuss it with the interviewer. Tell them how you produced and distributed your content, in addition to the growth you witnessed on your social media platform. If you lack experience, discuss what you've learned and how eager you are to implement it.

Marcie's Answer

"I have yet to build my own social media presence, outside of using social media socially and for personal use during college. However, I have studied the techniques that growth marketers use to do this, and I'm excited to implement those ideas. I recognize how important it is to ensure brand consistency across all social media channels by using consistent logos, headshots, and photos. I would take steps to build a following and expand the company's reach over time by creating and sharing industry-relevant content, and I would follow a schedule so content is posted regularly. Finally, I would make sure my visual content was on point since video and images produce higher ROI than just text. I know I still have a lot of skills to hone in this area, but I look forward to putting into practice all that I've learned so far."


Are you familiar with running A/B and multivariate tests to optimize webpages?

Being able to run A/B and multivariate tests is a vital skill of growth marketers. The interviewer wants to know that not only can you figure out what should be tested but that you also know how to run the tests effectively and accurately. Mention any testing tools that you might use, like Optimizely and Omniconvert, and discuss how you would ensure accurate testing results.

Marcie's Answer

"I have a ton of experience in running A/B and multivariate tests. I believe that this is at the heart of what I do as a growth marketer! After determining what should be tested, I use tools like Optimizely to help me create and run the experiments. And I recognize the importance of making sure that nothing skews my results. For example, I know that a viral campaign can impact how much traffic visits a webpage, so to prevent this contamination I usually test paid traffic from Google Ads or Facebook because I recognize that segmented traffic from a specific source provides more reliable insights."


What are some low-cost marketing techniques you might use to reach potential customers?

Some companies, particularly startups, don't have huge marketing budgets. The interviewer wants to know if you are knowledgeable about low-cost marketing strategies that can be used to acquire customers. Speak about your past experience in this area, if you have any. If not, talk about the tactics you've learned about and are excited to implement one day.

Marcie's Answer

"There are definitely marketing strategies that can be used to reach potential customers without breaking the bank. At my last job, we hosted a webinar. It took some effort to put it together and promote it, but it attracted a large number of interested people, many who later became customers. Another idea is to actively post on niche blogs so readers begin to recognize your brand. Following and retweeting niche influencers on Twitter can also help you build a strong online brand presence, which will help drive people to your website."

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