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Field Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Ryan Brown
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15 Field Marketing Manager
Interview Questions

  1. As a Field Marketing Manager, describe a creative program you executed as part of a larger Marketing campaign.

  2. Effectively communicating with team members who have face-to-face contact with your customers is vital. How do you ensure you are communicating a clear and consistent message to all team members?

  3. In the past, how have you measured the effectiveness of field marketing efforts?

  4. Field Marketing differs from one industry to another. Talk about your different industry experiences and explain the how your role as a Field Marketing Manager changed from one industry to the next.

  5. Field Marketing strategies may also include event planning. Do you have experience planning events? If so, think of an event that was particularly challenging and explain what you learned from your experience.

  6. Field Marketers deal with many projects and details at a given time, therefore organization skills are crucial. How do you keep yourself organized to make sure that there aren't any details that "fall through the cracks"?

  7. What analytical tools do you utilize when evaluating the effectiveness of field marketing efforts?

  8. Many companies use social media to communicate with the customer. As a Field Marketing Manager, how has social media played a role in your marketing strategies?

  9. Do you have experience using CRM and Marketing Automation software? If so, which do you have the most experience with?

  10. Describe a multi-channel field marketing campaign you created and executed.

  11. Field Marketing Managers may be required to travel extensively. How do you stay up-to-date on corporate news and updates while being away from the office?

  12. What resources do you use to research local market competition?

  13. At times, working with the media may be a part of a Field Marketing Managers role - for example, to get coverage at local marketing events. Talk about some experiences you've had working with the media.

  14. One of the responsibilities of Field Marketing Managers is to develop strategies for their assigned local markets. Describe the annual process you go through to develop/update the marketing strategies for these local markets.

  15. Data collected at the local market level is of great value to the business overall. How have you worked with the Information Technology people in your company to ensure this data is captured and readily available for analysis?