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What tools do you use to manage stress?
Assure the interviewer that you can handle working in a constantly changing environment. You can handle demanding customers, maintain professional relationships and fill prescriptions. Give an example that demonstrates your ability to manage stress in your life.
Answer examples
"Being able to spend my down time with my family is my stress relief. I enjoy gardening as well as reading in the sunshine."
"I make sure that I take lunch or at least a 30 minute break away from the pharmacy each day. Leaving the pharmacy gives me time to clear my mind and relax during my shift."

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User-Submitted Answers

What tools do you use to manage stress?
I just cry until I cant cry anymore...
I work better under stress.
As I said before I dont feel stress on my work and even at home because everything thats happen to me I put into my mind that this is Gods will and if ever I felt that I am under stress I will just keep my self calm then thand a little inhale and exhale then thats it continue life or work.
Learning to take stride one day at a time and not forgeting to smile at the start of the day.
Stress is a part of everyday life. Stress makes me react in a more precise manner and helps to motivate me to get a job done and to do it accurately as to not cause more stress.
I will speak up and ask for help.
Try to keep calm and work my way through the situation.
By finding out the priority that first has to be done and then performing the rest accordingly. I always tell myself this is the way it is face it.
Work under stress lead to low productivities and therefore I try as much as possible to avoid stress at due to my efficient use of break time.
I try to keep myself calm, focus on my task, and work as quickly and accurately as possible.
I believe that I work best under stress. I enjoy working in a challenging environment. It helps me to stay motivated and productive. I believe it is important to prioritize, remain calm, and focus on the task at hand.
Breathe, calm down, take a step back and go from there.
Keep myself motivated and patient.
According to work load plan how what needs doing priortise the work load and deligate if need to get smoth work flow.
I breathe deeply and encourage myself to go on doing what I do. This is a profession I chose and I will not lose my job under any circumstances.
Keep focused on what I need to get done.
By focusing on importance of the task at hand.
I comport myself and do one thing at a time.
I work well under stress, I know how to prioritize my work loads and complete them on time. I also can check on my Techs work loads and deligate if I need to but most importantly stay calm will help greatly.
Stay calm, I try not tostress as a rule.
By remaining calm and patients. I tend to challenge myself harder during stress in order to get work completed.
Take a few deep breaths, even take myself away from an environment for a few moments before continuing with work.
I try not to get stressed and worked up and try to work quietly and effectively to ensure the work is completed.
Stress is a common everyday part of life. Identify the problems, look at what is causing the stress and coming up with a logical solution to deal with it.
I try to refocus my energy and get a well done job while thinking about the time after the stress which one of the reasons that motivates me keep calm.