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Pharmacist Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Heather Douglass

Updated August 22nd, 2018 | Heather has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates,
specifically in the health care industry.
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Tell me about a time when you set a goal and achieved it.
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How to Answer
As a Pharmacist, you've determined that you are more productive when you sent your own goals versus when goals are handed down to you from above. Tell the interviewer about any personal, Service or staff development goals you have for yourself.
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Top 30 Pharmacist Interview Questions with Full Content
Tell me about a time when you set a goal and achieved it.
As a Pharmacist, you've determined that you are more productive when you sent your own goals versus when goals are handed down to you from above. Tell the interviewer about any personal, Service or staff development goals you have for yourself.

Heather's Answer
"I have the privilege of working with a remarkable team of talented pharmacists, technicians, and interns. I learn from them all the time. But I also want to return the favor by sharing with them some of the unique things I have learned and offering them the opportunity to practice new skills and grow their careers. My goal is to become someone's mentor in my pharmacy."
How would your patients describe you?
Your patient's feedback will say a lot about you as a Pharmacist. Let the interviewer know that your patients would say that you are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. Go ahead and share a brief story about a time you helped a patient and they let you know how much it meant to them.

Heather's Answer
"My patients would say that I'm a very patient person. I pride myself on being a very patient person, especially with my elderly patients. Sometimes just being patient and taking a few extra moments with them means a lot."
What is your communication style?
As a Pharmacist, it is important to know which type of communicator you are in order to effectively communicate with your patients, co-workers and other medical professionals. Do you consider your communication style analytical, intuitive, functional or personal? Tell the interviewer that you are able to change your communication style based on who you are addressing and their way of learning. The important thing to relay is that you are an effective communicator. You welcome the back and forth with your patients.

Heather's Answer
"I've found that clear and direct communication​ works best for my coworkers as well as patients."
What do you see as the most critical issues in pharmacy today?
This question is a great way to start the back and forth with the interviewer. Go ahead and turn the tables and encourage them to engage in your feedback. What critical issues do you see and how are you going to play your part to try and change them?

Heather's Answer
"One critical issue that faces the pharmaceutical industry today is the cost of medications. I hate that there are patients that don't have the ability to pay for their medications. I hope that I can be a part of changing this one day."
Describe a difficult work experience, and what you learned from it.
The important part of answering this question will be telling the interviewer what you learned from the situation. Let the interviewer know that you aren't afraid to seek guidance from your superiors.

Heather's Answer
"I had a technician that provided horrible customer service one day. I was able to pull her off the line and have her take a break. I joined her in the break room and asked her if she was doing ok. She appreciated me talking to her and not making a scene on the line about her attitude. That day I learned to take a different approach to my employee's reactions."
Describe a time when you feel you made a difference in a patients care.
Getting a simple 'thank you' from a patient could be all you need to know that you are making a difference in your patient's lives. Tell the interviewer about positive feedback you've received when you made the right call. Share a story about a time that you worked directly with medical staff and monitored the patients progress based on a change that you made in their medication.

Heather's Answer
"I was able to put a stop to a patient's shopping around for narcotics. By bringing the​ situation to light, I was able to help the patient realize that they were in a bad situation and that they needed to seek rehabilitation."
What are your salary expectations?
To prepare for this interview question, do your homework and find out what the average salary is in the location you are looking to be a Pharmacist. Remember this is just the first interview and you haven't been offered the job yet. The first interview is not the time to enter negotiations. Go ahead and give a broad salary range without selling yourself short.

Heather's Answer
"I'm looking for a salary range between 80K and 120K a year."
If you weren't sitting with me, interviewing for this Pharmacist position, where else would you be?
This is a unique interview question so be careful with your answer. Don't tell the interviewer that you would be sleeping off your hangover from the night before or sitting in your man-cave on hour 12 of playing video games. Share an example of something positive that shows you lead a positive and active lifestyle outside of work.

Heather's Answer
"If I wasn't here right now I would be at home playing catch with my son. His first softball game is this weekend and we've been practicing quite a bit for it."
How do you build relationships when you are new to a pharmacy.
Building positive and professional working relationships is important to have in your pharmacy. Your interviewer wants to know that you're the type of person who will make the first move to build and mend relationships on the job. There can be miscommunication and confusion on the job in the midst of handling crisis situations. What do you do in order to ensure optimal cooperation and teamwork?

Heather's Answer
"On my first day, I plan on bringing in baked goods. My hobby is baking and I think a great way to break the ice is through food. I think that by bringing in goodies, my new coworkers will know that I'm genuine and will see my excitement to start the job and be part of the team."
How did you balance work and personal life?
Long hours, odd shifts, exhausting patients and hard to work with employees are all part of the job as a Pharmacist. Tell the interviewer how you balance your day and want to get up and do it again the next day. Tell the interviewer you are able to leave your work at work and enjoy your downtime with your family. Tell your interviewer about your mentor and that you bounce ideas off them and get advice and guidance from them on how to be successful without getting burnt out.

Heather's Answer
"I do yoga each morning for 30 minutes before my shift. Yoga is my way of releasing​ any stress that I may have so I start each day off fresh."
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