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How did the customer respond when you attempted to calm them down?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have had to calm a patient down by listening with empathy. Then I have fixed the problem.
First of all keep the customer calm and suggest on trying to find a solution.
When I was working at a local hardware store which was also a repair shop for lawn equipment, answering angry customers' calls was part of the job. I'd do my best to be understanding and empathetic about why they're upset about how long they had to wait for their mowers to be fixed or had the same problems again. And then I'd make sure I inform the service guys about the complaint and call back the customers to explain the situation.
Indeed I have. I personally remained calm, and talked the customer through the issue they were experiencing, and together we were able to come up with a solution that made everyone happy!
Working for Kaiser Maui Lani pharmacy, fortunately I had a lot of practice with irate patients. This has taught me so much. I learned that if you truly listen to what they have to say, apologies for what they are going through and let them know that you are trying your best to help their situation. It can really calm any situation.
Yes, when I was doing bubble soccer. Our manager overbooked us with more then 3 groups soo one of the customers were realy upset and wanted to play. So told her we are a little over booked and ill talk to the other group to see if they will be happy to let you guys switch off on the same field. And so I talked to the other team and they were ok with that. And so I just talked to the lady while her kids were on the field and just got to know her more. And I showed there family so much respect she came up to me after there game was over and she gave me a tip for being soo nice to them and helping them out.
Yes, a girl at the pharmacy had her boyfriend just break up with her and was falling apart. I talked to her on break and shared some of my own experiences and it calmed her down so she could focus on work.
Yes. When I worked in my previous job a customer was told her parcel had arrived in store but hadn't. So knowing she was upset I calmed her down by suggesting other items she may like using a discount for the customer event that was going on.
Yes. At a hospital. We were in a queue waiting to be seen by a doctor then there was this emergency case and someone had been in a queue for more than an hour with us. The man just bursted and was so furious for it had taken long to be attended to and he was feeling really bad. I talked to him so he could calm down and help in raising his BP and I assured him he will take place instead. I know I was in pain but I had to let him go before me.
I've not had to calm any customer down yet.
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