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Our company values employees with an entrepreneurial spirit. Do you believe your approach to sales and career goals are a match for this kind of culture, and if so, why?

The interviewer wants to know if you have experience working in an environment similar to GroupM. They would like to hear some details related to your working style, short and long term goals, and how you've been able to grow a business, with examples of why you would be a fit in their organization. Your answer should match elements of their overall culture. You can also incorporate numbers related to your achievements to substantiate your claims.

Do not answer this question without doing research on the company and the people that work there. This research is a crucial part of successfully answering culture-fit questions in an interview. If you're not entirely sure what their culture is at GroupM, you can let them know you've done some research but would like some more information, then ask them to describe it to you briefly before you provide an answer.

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30 GroupM Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Our company values employees with an entrepreneurial spirit. Do you believe your approach to sales and career goals are a match for this kind of culture, and if so, why?

  • 2. Great data visualization will present data in a convincing way. How do you improve human perception when presenting data?

  • 3. If hired for the sales position with GroupM, we may ask you to test different advertisements. Have you created split or A/B ads? What worked and did not work and why?

  • 4. In your opinion, is data a true asset for a business. Why or why not?

  • 5. GroupM offers powerful tools to enhance audience targeting in addition to their core service. How do you convince a customer that they should elect to add them to their package?

  • 6. Companies have several different advertising platforms to choose from. What skills would you bring that would help GroupM remain a competitive option in this industry?

  • 7. What are important reporting and analytics capabilities an advertising platform should have?

  • 8. Data-driven advertising with machine learning is part of the service that GroupM provides to its customers. How would you explain why this feature is so useful to a potential customer?

  • 9. In your opinion, what is the most exciting collaboration between data analysis and artificial intelligence in the past year?

  • 10. There are several components of a robust advertising platform. Which ones do you find to be the most valuable to a company running frequent advertising campaigns?

  • 11. What is your approach to working with a large amount of information/data?

  • 12. A sales position at GroupM includes follow up calls and emails with our customers. Occasionally a customer may have a complaint about the product or service they received from us, explain how you would respond.

  • 13. Technological capabilities of advertising platforms of constantly changing. How do you ensure you are aware of all the new advertising platform developments?

  • 14. GroupM is a leading provider of high quality, engaging advertisements displayed within written content published by some of the world's best-known sources. As a sales executive for this company, what's your value proposition?

  • 15. Part of our business is in big data, which is continuously changing as new technology and products enter the market. How do you keep up-to-date on these changes?

  • 16. What is pervasive business intelligence, and what does it mean to you?

  • 17. Do you have experience giving product or software demonstrations, and closing new accounts?

  • 18. How does data drive a business' success?

  • 19. The technology available to our campaign managers is constantly changing and improving. How do you remain current with the changing industry?

  • 20. At GroupM, we believe data management is crucial when executing and evaluating a campaign. What is your experience working with data as it relates to digital advertising?

  • 21. How could a business use the data visualization services of GroupM to prospect and generate new leads?

  • 22. What is your favorite data management tool at the moment?

  • 23. Explain data visualization, and why it is important to a business.

  • 24. Data security continues to be a concern for marketers when executing online advertising campaigns. What security issues do you find important as it relates to online advertising and how can your knowledge/experience help us at GroupM?

  • 25. Why do you want to work at GroupM?

  • 26. Describe your experience working with digital advertising.

  • 27. What do you know about GroupM's competitive position within the data analytics industry?

  • 28. We let customers scale up or down on creative support needs like design, testing, and application use. They can choose to fully outsource these needs or receive training to handle them in-house. Why is this a great selling point?

  • 29. A client you're pitching tells you that they know performance tracking is essential, but it's their least favorite thing to do. How does knowing this help you to provide value to them?

  • 30. Video, cinemagraph, flow, and swing are some of the formats GroupM uses to incorporate motion into on-page ads. What's the best way to educate customers on how these formats generate a better response from audiences?