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Brand Manager Interview

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Tell me about a particularly creative brand marketing campaign you were involved in and describe your role in the creation of it.
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What are the different ways you have utilized your analytical skills as a Brand Manager?
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To successfully manage a brand, it is important to understand how the brand measures up to the competition. What sources do you rely on to monitor the competition?
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Describe a time where you had to deal with a negative public relations situation regarding your brand. What was done to minimize the damage to the brand and what was your role in that?
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How have you worked with Product Managers to protect and grow your brand?
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Do you have experience executing rebranding strategies? If so, describe why the rebranding strategy was necessary and what your role was in the execution of it.
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With the advancement of social media, it is important for Brand Managers to understand new and different ways to convey their brand message. Describe a time when your brand message was communicated in a unique and creative way.
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Have you utilized sponsorships to strengthen a brand? Talk about a strategic sponsorship that had a significant positive impact on your brand.
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Describe your experience creating advertising designs and layouts, both digital and print. What was your role and what other key people were involved in this process?
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What experience do you have working with product development? Do you have experience with introducing a new product under your brand or altering an existing product?
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Describe a time where a change in consumer preferences or in the competitive landscape required you to initiate a major change in brand strategy. How did you go about developing and implementing this new strategy?
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For a variety of reasons, it may be beneficial to make changes to products that represent the brand. Describe a time where you worked with Product Development to alter a product and how you came to the decision to do so.
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As a Brand Manager, you will most likely work with several vendors for things such as advertising and possibly research. What general qualities do you look for when hiring a vendor?
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How do you communicate the brand strategy to the different groups within the company, including executive level managers?
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Effective Brand Managers are always looking for ways to improve/strengthen their brand. Describe some specific goals you have set for brands that you have managed. How successful were you at reaching those goals?
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Describe a time when you were having difficulty staying within your brand's budget. What did you do to overcome this obstacle?

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