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What is your experience with marketing automation?

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    What is your experience with marketing automation?

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    In the past, how have you collected customer feedback?

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    Imagine that you start this job tomorrow. What are the first three things you will do?

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    Tell me about yourself and your experience in online marketing.

  5. 5.

    Do you have experience working with outside agencies, freelancers, subcontractors, clients, and in-house staff?

  6. 6.

    What big trends have you noticed in the online marketing world?

  7. 7.

    Do you use Google Analytics in your current role?

  8. 8.

    Tell me about a campaign you ran that wasn't successful.

  9. 9.

    How is online marketing different from traditional marketing?

  10. 10.

    What online marketing platforms and software do you have experience using?

  11. 11.

    Are you familiar with the following acronyms? CPC, PPC, CTR.

  12. 12.

    Can you tell me about the most successful campaign you've run thus far?

  13. 13.

    If we gave you a monthly budget of $50,000, how would you allocate it?

  14. 14.

    What is SEO, and how will you utilize it in your online marketing strategy for our company?

  15. 15.

    Tell me about your experiences with content marketing and content strategy.

  16. 16.

    In what areas of online marketing are you most knowledgeable?

  17. 17.

    What process or method do you use to define KPIs?

  18. 18.

    Why did you choose to work in the field of online marketing?

  19. 19.

    How do you communicate successfully with clients, stakeholders, and your team?

  20. 20.

    In your opinion, what is the difference between content marketing and content strategy?

  21. 21.

    Do you have any other skills or passions that are relevant to this role?

  22. 22.

    Tell me what you know about the sales funnel.

  23. 23.

    Discuss a time when your team disagreed with you. How did you deal with this?

  24. 24.

    What method or strategy do you generally employ when it comes to SEO?

  25. 25.

    What kind of team environment do you thrive in?

  26. 26.

    What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

  27. 27.

    How would you optimize the conversion rates for a PPC campaign that wasn't performing well?

  28. 28.

    Why did you apply specifically for this role?

  29. 29.

    Why do you think that online marketing will be more beneficial for our company versus traditional marketing?

  30. 30.

    What strategy would you employ to improve our business with online marketing?