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What steps do you take to ensure all marketing communications are consistent across all channels?

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Marketing Communications Manager Interview Questions

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    What steps do you take to ensure all marketing communications are consistent across all channels?

      Building an integrated marketing communications strategy means ensuring that your content writing, advertising, promotions, and social media accounts all tell a cohesive message. The interviewer would like to know what steps you take to ensure that all marketing communication tell the same message. Discuss your process briefly, assuring the hiring authority that you understand the importance of consistency across all channels.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "A strong marketing communications campaign must tell the same message everywhere, from traditional advertising to social media channels. I am careful to ensure a cohesive message by first identifying the message that I want to tell. Next, I will map out a rough marketing plan. Then, I make sure to understand the customer persona and the buyers' journey fully. Only then, do I craft a marketing plan."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "A smart and impactful marketing communication plan begins with laying the correct groundwork. I begin by researching past customers and discovering the basis of their needs. Then, I identify and focus on which parts of the product or service will best inspire new customers. After this, I will begin to craft a message that speaks to these points. Every platform or channel has its unique way of telling a story; however, the message needs to be consistent. It's important that I ask other team members to look at the messaging before any work goes out, ensuring consistency and accuracy of the message."