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How do you withstand the ethical dilemmas associated with this unique type of work?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Detective interview

Ethical dilemmas will be frequent throughout your career as a Detective. Assure the interviewer that you are able to handle this type of challenge.

Basic answer example
"I understand that ethical dilemmas can occur and, lucky for me, I have always worked with incredibly talented Officers and Captains who have displayed appropriate reactions to these types of situations. I am confident in my ability to handle all types of ethical dilemmas that come my way. My integrity as an Officer/Detective is the most important factor in my success and I will not sway from my values."

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How do you withstand the ethical dilemmas associated with this unique type of work?
I do withstand the ethical dilemmas associated with this unique type of work and manage street and work load well.
Yes, I am certain I can make an impact and be a great value to the position.
Yes. While in life there are many gray areas, the ethical requirements of this work is not one of them.
I take pride in my integrity. I am as honest as possible. Being ethical as very important to me, for my character, for my namesake.
Yes, I am an honest individual who values my career and morals.
I enjoy the followup investigation part of law enforcement. Searching for clues, digging up answers, and interviewing people.
Yes and I am up for the challenge.
Yes, the ethical dilemmas are to be honest, and loyal.
I have an uncommon ability to maintain composure in highly stressful situations.
Yes, I believe being ethical is key to being a great detective.
Yes, with every think else in life there are difficulties but you must overcome them and be the absolute best person you can be.
Society today as we know it has changed, we have to make sure as law enforcement that we have to be very thero.
I am a very ethical and moral person in my personal and professional life. I am also able to differentiate and separate myself from potential situations where an ethical dilemma may arise.
Yes I do but if the other side crosses a line so will I
I have learned to deal with all cultural differences.

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