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Do you strive for excellence in everything that you do?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Absoulutly I believe we all do in this career. I think you have to demand the best from yourself in order to maintain the image of our deartment.
I strive to finish what I started, follow through to the end. I have been in the military for years and have hat never quit attitude.
Yes, I sometimes expect everything I do to be perfect.
Yes, or at least accomplish something that meets the requirments and my satisfaction to fullest.
I do. I feel that everything I do, every case I investigate, every contact I make, every case I present to the DA or a jury is a reflection of me and my department.
I strive for excellence, sure. But I'm also realistic in that I know not everything has the perfect outcome. It is those incidents that I then strive to learn from, how to do things differently and how to better solve the issues.
I do my job to the best of my ability. I'm very meticulous and detail oriented.
Of course, I always try to make everything I do as great as possible.
I went back to school full time, while working full time, to better myself and make myself a better cop. I did this to be the very best cop I can be. I have taken what I learned in school and applied it to my work. My report writing technique as an example, is something I learned from school.
Yes, I have the desire to my best at everything I do.
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