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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?

Start off by telling the interviewer that you are typically an organized person and achieve everything on time. Share how you usually organize your work.

You might share that you keep a to-do list of all the objectives that you must complete, keep your electronic calendar up-to-date and that you spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your day reviewing your schedule for the day as well as prioritizing your to-do list for that day.

Next, share a time when you failed to get an assigned task done on time due to something outside of your control. Perhaps you were sick, an emergency arose, or someone else called in sick for the day changing your priorities. Share how you prioritized your time with the goal of achieving the deadline, and share why you were not able to reach it on time.

Finally, be sure to wrap it up by reiterating that you are usually a deadline driven person, and you almost always complete everything on time.

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30 Lowes Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?

  • 2. Tell me about your last manager, what did you like and dislike about their leadership style?

  • 3. Explain to me how you would perform a tile remodeling job, from start to end, as if I were a customer.

  • 4. Why do you want to work at Lowe's over Home Depot?

  • 5. What department at Lowes would you enjoy working in the most?

  • 6. Have you ever worked on a house before? What was your project?

  • 7. How well would you say you know our departments and what we sell?

  • 8. Do you shop at Lowe's?

  • 9. What do you know about tools?

  • 10. What steps do you take to solve a problem?

  • 11. Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?

  • 12. If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?

  • 13. How do you define good customer service?

  • 14. Why should we not hire you?

  • 15. Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?

  • 16. Why do you want to work at Lowe's?

  • 17. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?

  • 18. Name your three best qualities?

  • 19. What would you do if a coworker asked you to help them steal?

  • 20. Where do you see yourself in the Lowe's organization in two years?

  • 21. How do you expect to make a difference at Lowe's?

  • 22. Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?

  • 23. What do you know about working in retail?

  • 24. Tell me about your experience in working in retail.

  • 25. How well do you handle customer complaints?

  • 26. Do you prefer working in a team environment or alone?

  • 27. What are some of your weaknesses?

  • 28. What is your best personal trait?

  • 29. Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants?

  • 30. When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?