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What do you believe are the biggest challenges Facebook will encounter this year?

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    What do you believe are the biggest challenges Facebook will encounter this year?

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      In the fast-moving tech industry, companies continually face new challenges. The interviewers at Facebook want to see that you are interested in ways the industry continues to shift. They also want to see evidence that you are prepared to contribute to solutions to these challenges.

      Draw your response from what you have heard in the news, read in online articles, or taken from the Facebook newsroom section on the company's corporate website. Give a well-thought-out reply about the challenges you believe Facebook will face this year. Be sure to keep your response in a positive tone that shows you are solution-focused rather than problem-focused.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Although this is not a new challenge, I believe the topic of privacy, data security, and declining trust in tech will remain a challenge for Facebook this coming year. Online privacy laws have become even more stringent, and hackers are becoming smarter every day. From what I have seen, Facebook has handled these challenges extraordinarily well, considering all the pressures. As a Facebook Security Engineer, I will actively contribute by working hard to reveal potential weaknesses and then craft creative solutions to eliminate those weaknesses."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have observed the pressure that Facebook is under to build fresh marketing and advertising strategies for its clients continually. Every year there is a growing need to drive product innovation internally, based on market trends and emerging client needs. I have already seen a spike in solutions Facebook offers for video and ads, and I look forward to being a part of innovations. As a Client Solutions Manager for Facebook, I will diligently use data, insights, and market intelligence to identify opportunities and guide strategy and implementation of Facebook solutions to benefit clients."

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      "One of the biggest challenges would be earning back the trust of users lost due to privacy controversies. Also, Facebook has a challenge with the new iOS14 privacy setting, which will prevent businesses from properly connecting with their potential customers."

      Stephanie's Answer

      You've clearly done your research and understand the major hurdles that Facebook will face this year. I suggest rounding out your answer with a positive spin, showing you have confidence that Facebook is well equipped to handle these challenges, and you look forward to contributing to the solutions.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Although this is not a new challenge, content moderation and keeping the platform safe from inappropriate content and fake news will continue to be a challenge for Facebook. The complexity of national/global issues that the world faces will only increase and Facebook as the largest social media network where people freely express their thoughts on issues of all kinds will have to grapple with the right and effective ways to balance between freedom of speech and public safety."

      Stephanie's Answer

      This is a strong response, but given the fact that 2020/2021 has been a pretty memorable year for social media, you may wish to develop your response a bit more to specifically include this.

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