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To help you prepare for a Product Manager interview at Facebook, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.

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Tell us about a time when you disagreed with your manager. Why did you disagree, how did you state your case, and what was the resolution?

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List of Facebook Product Manager Interview Questions & Answers

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    Tell us about a time when you disagreed with your manager. Why did you disagree, how did you state your case, and what was the resolution?

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    Facebook is proud of its inclusive environment that's welcoming for everyone. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a lack of inclusion in the workplace? If so, how did you address the situation?

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    Please talk about your most significant accomplishment as a Product Manager and why you feel it is so substantial.

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    Facebook Product Managers are expected to display strong leadership, organizational, and execution skills. How do you maintain the highest standards during project delivery?

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    When developing a new product or feature, how do you approach gathering and integrating customer feedback?

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    How do you measure customer satisfaction after launching a new product?

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    You are planning to add a new product to Facebook's portfolio. How do you approach conducting sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis?

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    How do you break down a complex problem into manageable pieces?

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    Whether we're creating new products or helping a small business expand its reach, people at Facebook are builders at heart. How are you a builder at heart?

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    Please walk us through a time when you nearly missed a deadline. How did you pivot your approach to ensure success?

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    Facebook Product Managers work with cross-functional teams of engineers, designers, data scientists, and researchers to build products. Talk about your cross-functional work experience and how it will benefit our world-class team.

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    Facebook is hiring an entrepreneurial Product Manager who moves quickly and can help innovate and drive product initiatives. Give us an example of a time when you acted as a highly entrepreneurial PM.

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    Facebook Product Managers lead and motivate while maintaining team health. If hired, how will you develop rapport and earn the trust of your new team?

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    We seek candidates with at least five years of product management or related industry experience. Please take a few minutes to walk us through your resume and related experience.

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    Facebook Product Managers should have a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in a relevant field. Please walk us through your education.

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    As a Product Manager, you are the primary driver for identifying significant opportunities and driving product vision, strategies, and roadmaps. Talk about your proudest time developing, implementing, or managing a new service or strategic program.

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    As a Facebook Product Manager, you will deliver products aligned with our mission and goals. What do you know about Facebook's mission and strategic competitive position?

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    Facebook Product Managers work to maximize efficiency in a constantly evolving environment where the process is fluid and creative solutions are the norm. Please share your favorite approach to maximizing team efficiency.

  19. 19.

    Walk us through your experience going through an entire product lifecycle.

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    As a Product Manager, how do you approach prioritizing tasks and product features?

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    In your opinion, what are the most critical steps a Product Manager should take during a product launch?

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    If hired as a Facebook Product Manager, how do you plan to promote operational excellence?

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    Tell us about the last skill you taught yourself. Why did you choose to learn this skill, and how will it benefit you as a Product Manager with Facebook?

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    Why do you want to be a Product Manager with Facebook?

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    Talk about a time you discovered a way to save on development costs.

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    Facebook's Product Managers work to identify, develop and implement revenue-generating and cost-saving projects and programs. How will your Product Management expertise impact our business and overall customer experience?

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    How would you describe the Facebook business model?

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    Talk about a time when you failed to reach a work-related goal. How did you react?

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    How well versed are you with financial analysis and P&L management?

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    Would you ever make a critical decision without approval from your boss?