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Express Scripts, first and foremost, is a service industry in the spectrum of healthcare. How do you provide great customer service in your role?

"Having worked as a Pharmacy Tech for almost ten years, I have witnessed our roles changing nationally almost on a yearly basis. Once just stashed away in a backroom with no patient contact, I now get to work hand in hand with patients and making sure that they are satisfied is the name of my game as a technician. I do this by conversing with them with a smile on my face as first impressions matter. Then, I use attentive listening skills and ask questions to help find out any needs that they have. By doing these things, I find that my customers walk away happy about our interaction. I think these qualities will translate well to patients of Express Scripts because of my positive attitude and my great communication skills over the phone."

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  • 1. Express Scripts, first and foremost, is a service industry in the spectrum of healthcare. How do you provide great customer service in your role?

  • 2. Express Scripts was initially looking for someone with 5 years' experience in a similar role. Considering you have just 2 years' experience, would you be willing to accept this position at a lower salary?

  • 3. Do you think it is possible to be a good team member, yet disagree with the leader?

  • 4. Why do you think you will be successful in this role with Express Scripts?

  • 5. What is your greatest weakness?

  • 6. At 27,000 employees strong and working with customers and clients from all over the country, we value diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Why is that appealing to you?

  • 7. In your opinion, what makes you a great problem solver?

  • 8. What type of work environment do you dislike working in?

  • 9. A typical day at Express Scripts may find you having to thing of quick solutions for clients or customers. How have you shown your ability to think on your feet in the past and make important decisions?

  • 10. Think about a difficult boss, professor or coworker. What made him or her difficult? How did you successfully interact with this person?

  • 11. If Express Scripts hired you today, what would you accomplish first?

  • 12. If you could expand your knowledge and expertise in any healthcare service area, which would you choose?

  • 13. Talk about a time that you were willing and able to help solve a problem that others were reluctant to. Why did you do this?

  • 14. Tell me about yourself.

  • 15. What do you know about our business model here at Express Scripts and what part do you see this role playing in that model?

  • 16. Do you prefer to work in a team based position or individually?

  • 17. Patient care requires a strong amount of compassion. Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?

  • 18. How would you describe your personality?

  • 19. Talk about a time you had to be flexible in a working relationship or partnership with a particular customer, client or patient. What were the keys to you being flexible that made the interaction successful?

  • 20. Express Scripts seeks to hire those with strong problem solving skills. When were you able to successfully resolve a problem in the workplace?

  • 21. At Express Scripts we seek to hire individuals who have ambitions of growing their career. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

  • 22. Have you ever been involved in ordering medical supplies, maintaining inventory, or other types of health care related administrative duties?

  • 23. At Express Scripts, we value the passion of our employees to fuel our mission to be engaging and always reaching for better results. What drives you to succeed in your work?

  • 24. If you could expand your knowledge and expertise in any area of healthcare services, which would you choose?

  • 25. At Express Scripts, mutual respect is an important value in the way that we treat each other and those that we serve. Why is it important to you to work in a respectful environment?

  • 26. In order to work for Express Scripts, you must be able to pass a full criminal background check. Do you consent to a full background check?

  • 27. What is your patient care philosophy?

  • 28. Talk about a time you had to reach out of your comfort zone to speak up for something that was important to the success of a project or a patient. What compelled you to do this?

  • 29. At Express Scripts, a vital function of any position is the ability to work closely with our clients and partners to deliver excellent results. Talk about a time you had to be a team player in a difficult environment. What made it difficult?

  • 30. In the healthcare services industry there are many emotions in a day. Have your emotions ever been in the way of your productivity?

  • 31. Talk about a time where you took a problem and ran with it to find a solution. What motivated you to be the problem solver in this situation?