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What is your most challenging experience while working with children or in the classroom?
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Working with students on a budget. I dream big and have these really creative lesson plans that I always haev to scale down to meet my budget.
I have found that working with ADHD or ADD children very difficult.
Teaching reading to a class of 6th graders that are on first grade to eighth grade reading levels, and making sure we all comprehend, pass the test, and move on to the next grade.
I have only worked with teenagers aged 7-18 on a drama performance in preparation for the celebration of the radio station anniversary.It was not easy to get their attention as most of them will start talking about something else with friends whilst i was giving a brief.
The most challenging experience thus far for me in the classroom has been a special education math class that I taught. There was one student who was more advanced and would finish his work early while the other 4 worked at a slower pace and needed more one on one attention. It was challenging to give them the attention that they needed while also providing a challenging lesson for the advanced student.
My most challenging experience was coming in after a choral director had been asked to leave the previous year. I had to get the choral program out of debt, rebuild enrollment in chorus, and build the trust of the students.
The most challenging experience while working with children in the classroom is the pull outs. Managing to keep track of how the students work must be adjusted because of the time spend outside the room.
My most challenging experience was subbing gym class in a skirt high heels and no whistle. It was a last minute change and I was not prepared.
One of my 17 year old special ed students had a bowel movement in his chair. Luckily, I had my 2 assistants help clean him up.
My most challenging experience was working with more 46 students in a classroom without air conditioning and most of them despertae for the class to be over.
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