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25 Interview Questions & Answers

How would your students describe your relationship with them, and your teaching style?

Example #1
"I think my students would comment on how my classes are fun and interactive. I never let anyone sleep or get away with not being engaged and I have a list of games up my sleeve to pull out whenever the class is getting dry. I also want to make sure my students are up and moving in my class. Sometimes we'll spend the afternoon enacting a Shakespearean sonnet or making posters for our Renaissance festival."
Example #2
"I would like for my future students to describe my teaching style as interactive, interesting, and modern. I want to incorporate pop-culture into my lessons so that kids are interested in the topics at hand, and ensure they can relate to the discussions that take place. I also aim to be a teacher that cares and is approachable, should a student be struggling with anything."
Example #3
"Some ways that my students have described me, over the years, include the way that I can take a complicated concept and make it easy to understand. I am intuitive and can tell quickly when a student is struggling with a lesson. I am also highly involved in extra-curricular activities, so my students would likely say that I am a big supporter of their efforts, in all ways."
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