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A good teacher is always learning. What is something you are learning about recently?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Teacher interview

How to Answer

Show the interviewer that you continue to advance your learning and that you have a genuine interest in your working environment. What is something new that currently has your attention?

Here is a list of things you can talk about:

1) a new hobby or sport you're passionate about
2) a new country or place traveled
3) a new dish you cooked or tried
4) an insightful book or TV show

Show the interviewer that you're interesting, and always interested. Make some connections to your teaching and tell them how you've applied or plan to use what you've learned to reach your students, academically or otherwise.

A good teacher is always learning. What is something you are learning about recently?
Answer example

"I recently watched a Netflix show called 13 Reasons Why which delves deeply and unabashedly into issues many teenagers deal with but are unwilling to discuss, such as suicide, and cyberbullying. One of the most interesting things I learned is that a teenager's hippocampus isn't yet fully developed, which is why they can interpret a negative remark or dirty look as lasting and eternal. It helps me to have more patience and empathy with my more problematic students as I realize there are plenty of issues beyond the surface that I might not be aware of."

Entry Level

"I have been a University student for many years now and am always reading. To switch things up, I recently started subscribing to a few different podcasts. My favorite at the moment is 'French Your Way' which is led by a native French teacher who teaches the language to her podcast students. I love the variety of things that I can learn just from tuning in!"


"I recently decided to take up more physical activity, since much of my day is sedentary. I have been going to yoga, spin, and boxing classes. I feel great and bring more energy to my classroom as of late."

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A good teacher is always learning. What is something you are learning about recently?
I teach to an amazing group of young adults with special needs. All lessons are modified with accommodations, to meet the individual needs of the student. For example: Working on social skills involved role playing various situations (often incorporating sign language for those who are hearing impaired)
Why did you decide to become a teacher?
(Teacher interview question) if a student ask a question and you do not know the answer, what do you do?
I am always looking out for new material. As a substitute teacher I am exposed to other teachers lessons. I recently taught a lessons where the I took the students on webquest to find out the purpose of the characters in the book they read.
How do you help students with reading comprehencion.
What kind of students do you like to work with? what type of students could you teach most effectively?
Most of us know, especially in business is well engrossed on the internet. So it is a good source of new information and discoveries.
Yes, I just find a way to do a mitten to tell the children the five little monkeys book.
Because I prefer the more innovative and new approaches to teaching I am constantly searching for new ways to teach. I recently found a concept of math board games in the classroom. The teacher comes up with the questions and the students compete by table to reach the end of the game.
What was your most rewarding experience during student teaching?
I found a new picture and can show it to my student. Besides that, I can make it as a lesson to them.
Todays our world is changeing very fastly. So be prepare.

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