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How do you handle situations that could cause you to be late to work?
As a detail oriented person, you are meticulous about planning your day the night before, reviewing to-do lists and laying out the clothes you'll wear. You follow your routine to ensure you are able to get to work, not just on-time, but early! What happens when something goes wrong?
Answer examples
"I got a flat tire on the way to work. Even though I left 15 minutes early, I knew it would set me back and I might be late. I called my coworker to let him know and then I called my boss. I ended up being late for a meeting, but everyone was understanding because I was so proactive and responsive from the minute it happened."
"I always aim to be at work thirty minutes before the start of my shift so that I can make sure that I'm refreshed and ready to start. But, things happen, so the moment that I think that there's a possibility that I may be late to work, I immediately notify my team and my superior to tell them the reason that I may be late, as well as my estimated time of arrival. If it's appropriate, I ask a colleague to take over any immediate duties that need to be handled."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle situations that could cause you to be late to work?
It is very important, I am a firm believer in being to work at least 30 minutes ahead of time.
Punctuality is one of the tool to keep individual a discipline man.
It is very important, I am firm believer in being at work at least of 30 min ahead of time.
It is very important I am a firm believer in being at work at least 30 minutes ahead of time.
To be early is good to be on top of any unplanned event.
Major priority, I was taught by my parents, and by the military to always be early to an appointment. If I have a situation that I can not make it to work, I immediately notify my manager to inform him of the situation.
It is very important I am a firm believer in being at work at least 30 minutes ahead of the timr.
Very important. You need to be exemplary to your team and subordinates. It also gives you time to relax and look at your plan for the day and how you will go about it without rushing through.
Very important, it starts the day off right also it is expected of me.
Being on time is more of an expectation for everyone. Being early shows initiative and a shining example of what others should inspire to be.
It is very important for me to be early at work place.
Time management is real important because.
It is so important since being early for work gives you ample time to plan what you will do during your work day.
It is everything to me it shows to me the integrity and motivation of ones work ethics.
We need to take hand over & take over & On time is adequate for proper communication to avoid misconfusions.
It makes one to be able to check the status of the working environment.
It is very important to be on time on shift as coming in to work late will not give a good impression of you being a manager and the handover would not be done properly.
It is very important to me because be punctuality is similarity to the first impression that your colleague will see you as. It also shows leadership. For an example, your man will see you as someone discipline person.
I'm always on time for my shifts as I need to lead by example.
Before you start you duties you must do your investigation before you accept handovers.
Before you receive some hand over you must do your own inverstigation around the premesies and ask questions to the previouse staff. In thatg case il be able to know how to strat my day.
If I am on time than other staff will also come on time.
It help a lot to be focused.
Being on time for work is essential as it provide the opportunity to plan accordingly.
Very Important. It shows the person how dedicated you are towards your work. It also helps you to acquire your target for that day, which in turns helps you to achieve the final goal.
Very important, as you can grasp what the handover is about.It also keeps the team coming off shift happy.
Being on time is very important to me because it allows me to start my day well and keep my focused.
Very, I tend to be early for everything. I was trained early in my career that you need to be 15 minutes early to cover any "unexpected" occurrences.
On time is more important for me as I can get update myself with the latest developments.
Very important because it help with proper planning before Shift start.
Being early has always been important to me because it shows professionalism, it shows dedication, and it sets an example for other officers.
It is important as I can get do prepare and sort out my all the tasks early and complete the rest as much as I can.
Be able to plan as you would have time to appreciate what happened the previous time you were not at work, through hand overs.
I give more importance to time, being on time or early is good.