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How do you stay current on the latest health research?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nursing interview

How to Answer

The healthcare field is continually changing with new technology and research into care methods. Due to this, most healthcare organizations require nurses to attend continuing education courses. On top of required education, many nurses choose to stay up to speed in their field by attending training, reading publications or participating in workshops. Talk about one of your most recent training sessions you attended and expand on your particular interests in learning more in the nursing field and how you educate yourself.

How do you stay current on the latest health research?
Answer example

"As part of my continuing education requirements, I recently attended a Child Maltreatment training. Working in a Family Practice clinic, this training was extremely useful as it educated me on how to spot potential child abuse on patients that I see. As well, I learned new changes in law about mandatory reporting if child abuse was suspected. On top of regular continuing education credits, my passion lies in the treatment of children that are diagnosed with cancer. I am a subscriber of the 'Journal of Pediatric Nursing' and enjoy reading and learning about new research in the field."

Entry Level

"As a new nurse, I have thrived in my learning environment through my nursing program in college. The faculty that I was educated by and the preceptors that I worked with on my clinical rotations were instrumental in helping me get up to speed on the current field of nursing. I know that the nursing field is a continually changing work environment and I look forward to attending training and seminars to learn as much as I can in becoming a successful nurse with your organization."


"As a nurse that has worked most of her career in the Emergency Department, I have had to adapt to changes in procedures and technology throughout my career. As part of my continuing education requirements, I recently took a course on the geriatric patient in the emergency room. Even having been a career Emergency Nurse, I learned new research and methods to help treat elderly patients when they come in the Emergency Room. These continuing education courses I have attended throughout my career have helped me become a better nurse."

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How do you stay current on the latest health research?
Nursing childen and young people.
Operating room nurses association of canada.
Only nursing journals I have read are the scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that we need for research papers and class exercises.

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