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How do you stay current on the latest health research?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nursing interview

When an interviewer asks you a question like this, they want to hear what you're doing in your spare time to stay up to date with any new knowledge or information that could affect the health of your patients. Tell the interviewer about the topic of your last training or workshop. Describe the last publications, blogs or news article you read to learn about ways to improve the quality of life for your long-term patients. Share with the interviewer if you have specific interests in the healthcare field and perform any of your own research or are in the process of completing any continuing education courses.

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How do you stay current on the latest health research?
Only nursing journals I have read are the scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that we need for research papers and class exercises.
Nursing childen and young people.
Operating room nurses association of canada.

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