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How do you prioritize when multiple patients and procedures demand your attention at once?
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The healthcare world is constantly evolving environment. Early in my nursing career I learned how a patients status can quickly change and therefore priorities change. Because I have had a lot of clinical experience, I am able to remain calm in emergent situations and adapt to high stress situations.
I welcome change and I can accommodate quickly to any situation. I understand by going into this field of nursing this could quite possibly happen on a daily basis.
If it does not affect how i can perform my duties I do not mind to help out. If it is going to put me behind on my schedule i will probably still do it even though i may be a annoyed.
IT does not affect my mood at all, It will encourage me to work harder and faster. It is okay, this is my job
Well at times I may get upset, but I understand by now these things happen, especially in the medical field.
I became a nurse because of the fact that not every day will be the same. So I recognize that changes in priority are a normal daily occurance and that i must be able to provide my care based on priorities.
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