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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the other applicants?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the other applicants?
I am a well rounded, hardworking person. I get the job done, and put my all into it.
I already know how to perform most of the tasks assigned to shift leads. I work very hard to complete tasks and achieve goals.
While other applicants are just as suited, I am loyal and I do not let any problems get in the way of providing fast and friendly service.
I am better suited for this job because I am a careful, hard worker, and I am dedicated with my job.
I graduated from Rasmussen with a grade point average of 3.95. I am extremely dependable and motivated. I am also very excited to start a career in this field and learn more everyday.
Because of my qualities, my experience and my skills.
I think this company needs some efficient worker right now. I think I am one of them.
Because I have held lead positions and have performed them successfully. And I am not just talking up my abilities to get this job I have brought proof of what I have accomplished.
My experience working in retail and hr, my people skills, and self motivation.
What sets me apart from the pact is a commitment to excellence. I plan on starting at the ground floor and working my way up.
I feel I could help keep the quality of the company.
I am a better candidate because I have excellent customer and retail experience. Also, I can speak multiple languages that can be a strong asset to the company.
You should hire me because I am willing to learn, I work steadily through pressure, I have the potential to adapt to a new environement, Throughout my college years working as a chemistry tutor, I develop teaching skills which help me counsel the patients in the simplest way that they can help they understand. I am also bilingual.
I feel I would be better suited for this job than the other applicant because I am a people person and I make sure my customers are satisfied and I am vert welcoming person.
I can offer a lot to the company. I am able to learn quick, adapt to changes, able to work in teams in an instant.
My experience as a store manager previously sets me up to be successful in this position.
Because I have a background in the health care field as well as customer service.
My abilities and my experience abut most of all my commitment.
I am better suited for this job than other candidates because I have a good combination of compassion and commitment to get the job done that others do not possess. I am also very familiar with the walgreens way of doing things and can contribute to the level of customer satisfaction that is experienced here.
I am a very happy and bubbly person and think that I can mis well with customers and am very willing to help them with any problems they might have.
I am Jack of All and Master of None - Hard mix to find.
Have the skills to meet and exceed at the position.
Open to getting that learning experience, learn new skills quickly.
I am very dedicated meaning I will do everything to the best of my ability and I will treat each customer with respect.
I am extremely passionate about helping others, about being successful, I work great with others as well as independently. I learn material quickly, and I am use to working in a fast paced environment. I also work well under pressure.
I can have a flexible schedule, be on time, excel at customer service, get tasks done properly and timely, and have a positive attitude while doing it.
I have patience that other people may lack, I am very organized, I'm capable of working under pressure effectively, and I have good social skills so I will be able to satisfy the customers.
Because i'd bring a certain energy and vibe to the store and im a very open minded person.
I have proven my self in past jobs of doing the effort to do that little extra.
I haven't had the experience of actually working but I feel that I am ready I will be better suited than others because I have some skills and abilities such as good communication skills, I'm patient, and very understanding.
Because im a very hardworking people and I always complete something to the best of my ability.
I feel my hard working natrue, determination, and amazing work ethic will set me apart from the other applicants and will make me better suited for this job.
All applicant's are equal. But I have been in the pharmaceutical field and customer service field.
I am a perfectionist. Anything required of me I make sure gets done. I love seeing a happy customer. I am a firmly believe that sometimes a brief simple conversation can brighten someones day.
I feel like I can be more determined and dedicated than most other applicants. If anyone wants me to do something, I will do it.
I am a smart fast learning hard worker. I am flexible when it comes to assigned duties and schedule.
I will work hard to the best of my ability to succeed great customer service.
I am a hardworking, energetic and friendly person . I learn from my mistakes and I am not shy to ask for help when necessary . My top priority while working at walgreens will be to make customers happy and assist them in whatever they need.
I feel I am better suited to this job because I have had prior experience in a retail environment, working with stressing customers.
I have a lot of retail knowledge with a pharmacy I had hands on volunteer experience for 1 1/2 in an hospital setting.
Excellent listener, Patient, good at team work.
I have an extensive customer service background dealing with people from all walks of life and in a variety of situations.
Again I am very hard working and very reliable when it comes to work. I have a strong work ethic and can also have fun and be outgoing while getting work done.
I have prior experience working with costumers and using a cash register.

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