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Cashier Interview

26 Questions and Answers Written by Professional Interviewers

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Are you okay following our company guidelines and rules even though they may differ from your past employment?
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How to Answer
Absolutely! The interviewer needs to hear that you are open to change and are flexible to adapting to the company's guidelines and rules. Tell the interviewer that you look forward to learning the company's rules and guidelines, and you are happy to follow them.
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Question 2 of 26
Have you ever been tardy for work before?
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How to Answer
You are a reliable person who arrives to work a few minutes early for each shift! Begin by telling the interviewer that you always leave your home a few minutes early to ensure you arrive to work on time for each shift. Mention that when the weather is poor, you plan ahead by leaving extra time to get to work, and you have backup plans in place for childcare in case your current plans fall through. If you have ever been tardy, be sure to mention why you were tardy and how you called into work to notify them that you would be late. You might state, "I was stuck on the interstate due to an accident one-time last year. I was sitting in stand still traffic for 25 minutes. I called my manager right away to let her know I was in stand still traffic, and I notified her that I would be in as soon as possible. I am typically always on time, so she had no concerns with it since it was outside of my control."
Question 3 of 26
Has a large amount of money ever come up missing at your past employment?
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How to Answer
Be candid with the interviewer sharing if your drawer was ever previously off by a large dollar amount. We all make mistakes and this can happen from time-to-time. The key is to share if the money was found and how you learned from your mistake. Simply tell the interviewer who reconciled your drawer for you to find the mistake, and mention that you recognized the importance of the mistake ensuring that it never happened again.
Question 4 of 26
Have you ever complained to coworkers about management in the past? If so, what did they do wrong?
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How to Answer
Interviewers are looking for team players who support their management team by offering positive and constructive feedback where it is due. Begin by telling the interviewer that you like to talk positively about your leadership team with your co-workers recognizing what your managers are great at. Next, mention that you do not complain about your managers, and you might offer constructive feedback if it is necessary. Feel free to provide an example of a time you have done so! For example, you might state that you had a manager who intimidated some of the newer employees because they only talked with the new employees when they had done something wrong. You might share how you pulled your manager aside and explained your perspective offering your friendly feedback. Be sure to mention the success you had with the conversation, and share how appreciative the manager was to receive your feedback.
Question 5 of 26
If a coworker calls in sick, and you realize you will have long lines all afternoon, how would you handle this?
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How to Answer
The interviewer needs to hear that you are a team player and do not allow situations like this to get the best of you. Tell the interviewer that you recognize your co-workers may get sick from time-to-time, and it is your responsibility as a member of the team to step up during those times to help you. Share that you would simply keep a positive attitude and cheerful customer service attitude serving each customer as quickly as you can. Be sure to mention that if there is another cashier who might be able to come in that day to help you, you may consider reaching out to them to ask if they would be willing to come in for a few hours as well.
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