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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that customers are your priority. Tell the interviewer that you would graciously stop what you were doing and start by genuinely listening to the customer. Next, share that you would apologize to the customer and take whatever corrective action was necessary. Be sure to mention that most challenging customers do not take much time, and they just want to know that their opinion is being heard. Finally, be sure to say that once you have the customer on their way, you would go back to working on your task.

How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
Answer example

"I have extensive training in customer dispute management. If a customer is ever unhappy with their service or product, I would be sure to apologize and ask them how I can ensure they become a satisfied customer again. Most customers will tell you exactly what they want, to satiate their needs."

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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
Stop and try and help out the customer best of my ability and if that does not work, tell the manager.
I would stop whatever I am doing, give the costumer my full attention and then proceed into helping them on their situation.
Put the task on the side and listen to the customer.
I would ask them what is the problem and do everything in my power to help them with whatever appears to be troubling them.
I would stop what I am doing and assist the customer. The customer is my number one priority because they are the reason why we have jobs.
Apologize first, and will serve him as early as possible.
Whenever you see angry customer, try to be polite with them and pay full attention for there needs and listen to them why they are angry and try to help them out. And make them satisfied.
I would ask them what they are angry about and try to solve the problem. Then I would finish completing my tasks.
I believe that customer service is very important, not just in itself, but also for the face of the company and store. I would remain calm, patient and try my best to understand what the customer needs and do what I can to help.
I would stop what I am doing and ask them is there anyway I could help them - and listen thoroughly to let them know I care and im listening.
I would let them know that I am here to help, and ask them to explain the problem that they are having to see if it is something that I may be able to help them with.
Stop tasking and talk to the customer to try to figure out the problem and do everything I can to resolve it.
I would ask them again if they need help, or try to help them in anything they need.
I would stop myself and help the customer or ask another employee to help them.
I would stop the task at hand, and take care of the customer.
I would kindly talk to them and try to calm them down. Then I would try to answer any questions and concerns they had. If I couldn't do that, I would offer to let them talk to the manager of the store. If the time they took up would take up too much time, I would talk to my manager about my inability to complete tasks, though through no fault of my own.
At first I would tell the customer I would be with them in one moment once I could get to a stopping point in my tasks. I would then ask for another employee to help with my tasks if they were available while I dealt with the customer. If I couldn't handle the customer I would ask for a manager to help solve the problem then continue with my tasks.
I would stop with my task and calm down the customer. I would listen carefully and fix the problem and encourage them to come back.
Stop my task and address the customer concerns, Customers are always first, I would see if I could satisfy the customer to assist customer to a calming behavior,
I would calmly tell the customer that I had to complete my task first, and once I have I would ask the customer what the problem was and see what I could do about the situation.
I would stop what I am doing and approach the customer and have them explain to me whats wrong and assess the situation depending on what the matter is.
I would ask what they need and focus on resolving the issue they had so I could continue what I was working on.
I would offer if there is anything I can help them with and make sure they walk out with a smile.
Definitely the customer comes first. I would listen to him, help him on what he needs, give him solutions and then continue on my project.
I would give the Customer full attentions, listen and allow them to describe their frustration and find solution to leave them satisfaction and a happy customer.
The customer would be the priority, I would help them in whatever way I could or redirect them if I'm not the right fit to help them, and if I can complete the tasks while helping them without seeming to be uninterested I would.
I would try by best to deal with the customer5 and if they feel like I cant help than I could seek out a manager.
I would remain calm and ask for help if needed. I would sympathize with them and accomodate the best way.
I would first try to understand the customer and see as to who I can help him. After the customer is satisfied I would return to my task at hand.
I would try to solve the problem by being calm and try to talk with them as nicely as possible and if they are still not satisfied I would call a manager.
I would try to do my best to understand the situation and do whatever it takes to calm them down and fix whatever it is that they are so upset about.
I will ask the customer how can I help and make sure the customer is satisfied and then go back to my tasks.
Just keep working and provididing assistance as calm as possible.
Try to calm them down and do as much as possible to help them, and if things don't work out ill call the managerr.
Stay calm, listen carefully, if needed express apology and find a solution.
I will ask the customer what he or she needs and if I cant be of help ill direct the customer to my manager.
I would ask for help from a coworker while I helped the customer.
I would stop doing what I am doing and address them face to face. My tasks can wait.
I talk calmly to the customer while countiuing my task.
I would talk to him first because the customer is always first, id tell them that I'm sorry, and try to make them feel better.
I will pause my task and will nicely start conversation with customer, first I will let him to complete his talks then later I will start solving his problem.
I would address the issue with the customer first.
Listen to what the customer complaint is and resolve the issue that would best suit the customer and the company.
I would stop my task, ask the customer what the problem was and help them with what they needed.
I will call down the customer and then. Complete my task.
I would make sure the customer is satisfied first before completing my tasks.
Keep calm, listen them first and then try to explain the solution.
I would remain calm and kindly ask the customer to tell me the problem so that I can try my best to help.
I will leave my task for a minute and will handle customer politely.
I would try to calm them down and discuss the problem and do my best to solve it.
I would assure them that I will take care of them, finish up anything immediately pressing and then stop to deal with whatever their problem is in the best way I can.
Customer comes first.
Stop what I am doing. Pay full attention to the customer. Remain calm and show sympathy.

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