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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
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My last team effort was to get everyone on the same page over current issues we were having with the department. Being short staffed causes issues such as coverage, work load, and so on. With that being said I had to stand up to the plate and change my scheduling around so that I would be in the area to help serve customers and take care of their needs.
My role was as leader of my team as a department manager. You have to find out what motivates people and encourage that... Whether it be recognition, etc. As a leader, you have to make sure people understand their role on the team and how their achievements contribute to the goal.
Hitting a sales goal record of 100 used cars. I lead the team by example.
One instance that particularly sticks out to me happened about two weeks ago, in my department, when my department manager, myself, and a coworker were trying to re arrange and organize top stock in the blinds area. I went up on the balimore and got all the blinds down that I could reach, came down, organized them by item number, then moved on to more boxes in top stock. When they were all down we all worked together to stock the blinds on the shelf until it was full, then I got back on the balimore and my coworker and department manager helped load the blinds back onto the platform, and I took them back up and put them neatly in order on the racking.
I was tasked with developing a new fireworks compound and operation and I was the team leader. I created the vision, from the physical layout of the facility, to its location to the training programs to initiate to develop our fireworks operations and operators.
Everyday I work with my peers is a Team effort and I was the captain.
In school for a project creating the diagram.
When there were a lot of customers and was shorthanded. Where ever I could to complete the tasks as efficiently has possible.
I'm my previous work, I like to work on team, but in my past work nobody play the role for team work.
On going, Downstocking light bulbs, and straightning topstock. Everyone doing what they can on a daily basis.