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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
The interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team and that you contribute to the success of the team. Start off by sharing the last time you contributed to a team effort. Perhaps it was a large project at work. Maybe it was on a basketball team. Or, you might have led a Girl Scout troop. All of these make great examples! Discuss how you personally made efforts to contribute to the team, and be sure to mention how successful the team was!

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User-Submitted Answers

When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
I was working with my coworkers and I helped them with there efforts to bring up all of our productivity.
As a Peace Corps Volunteer I was continually involved in helping others find ways to work together to achieve a goal.
My last team effort was to get everyone on the same page over current issues we were having with the department. Being short staffed causes issues such as coverage, work load, and so on. With that being said I had to stand up to the plate and change my scheduling around so that I would be in the area to help serve customers and take care of their needs.
I work in the Kitchen and Bath Department, so working as a team effort is a daily occurrence. I usually end up leading the team in the task at hand.
When there were a lot of customers and was shorthanded. Where ever I could to complete the tasks as efficiently has possible.
Lots of customers at the counter and shorthanded so I jumped in where ever I could to get the tasks done as efficiently and quickly as possible.
Two monyhs ago I was appointed captain over the internet bay. Each day I get to work, I ask the opening head cshier if he or she has audited the Internet bay. If he or she says yes I double check, by taking the internet report and checking to make sure all merchandice are staged in the assigned bays. If I find something that a Head cashier missed I take he or she to the staged location and ask he or she to show me the items., then I help them to correct the mistake.
I helped put up a display of shower curtains . I worked along side my boss who wanted my input . The display looks great and sales are up on those items.
Setting up easter lily display I set up the table with all the pretty table clothe to set the tone of the easter display.
Being a store trainer for In-N-Out. Properly training the associates to In-N-Out standards.
I am currenytly captain of the internet bay. My role is to make sure everything that needs to be pulled is pulled and put in the correct location. I have to make sure the items that are located in the internet bay are taken out as well as the recepts cleaned from the internet folder.
I helped with inventory for another store. I was the counter.
Working for the cash office I recently I had to get involved with a situation that had caused a shortage for the company. I ran across a sale done in error through miscommunication in the install office. I spoke with the directly involved parties to find a solution for all parties concerned including installers. We worked together and found the information we needed to get a resolution to the issue.
I was on a team to re brand a bank that was bought by the bank I worked with, I was asked to work on a special pair of banks on my own.
Yesterday. I was helping a do it yourselfer with some hard wood flooring. I think took him to tools where I enlisted the help of another associate to help demonstrate the a table saw he planned to use. I probably could have gotten some of the information from the box or the internet but the tools associate was able to relay some personal experience with the product that really made a difference.
My role was as leader of my team as a department manager. You have to find out what motivates people and encourage that... Whether it be recognition, etc. As a leader, you have to make sure people understand their role on the team and how their achievements contribute to the goal.
To come up with a action plan for the sales team in every deparartment to cross train employees.
Last week there were three of us working on a customer complaint issue and I was the one that had to call and speak with the other company about what had happened with their drivers not following rules and regulations.
Team effort in mixng paint. Last minute customer were piling up at paint desk and was time for the associate leave. Out of kindness he stayed until we got the area cleared of customers. We were swamped bu we took care of each customer and he stayed over to make sure of that.
I was tasked with developing a new fireworks compound and operation and I was the team leader. I created the vision, from the physical layout of the facility, to its location to the training programs to initiate to develop our fireworks operations and operators.
Taking over the house cleaning coordinator on the production floor.Making sure operator kept there area around the machine clean.
Hitting a sales goal record of 100 used cars. I lead the team by example.
Just yesterday. We have inventory coming up July 27th. I orchestrated the itinerary for what needs to be done and when.
Doing Planagram and deluxing merchandise to bring to the floor I was lead.
My role has always been to encourage every one involved to do more than asked.
About a month ago all of the supervisors from the various trades had to work as a team effort identifying all of our assets at the schools. My role was to identify the air conditioning equipment.
Remodel of a house and my contribution was what ever I could handle - paint, water boy, etc.
Yesterday I contributed to our team goal of providing leader ship and educating a CSA in our customer service dept. To take care of incoming internet orders. It is part of the Admin department managers pdp. To have every returns and customer service associate be able to tender the orders if needed. So by sharing my knowledge I helped two people get closer to completing their goals which with all of our efforts combined it was a successful team effort and I helped lead us to.
My work activity is constantly in a team role. I often help customers in other departments.
Role was leader we put on a dinner in the park for 100 people.
Necessary to stay late to fold flyers that were necessary to get out the next day for retail sale advertisement.
My role is currently team leader. My goal is to set the example for those who work with me to do things timely, correctly, and make time to go above our responsabilites to help the organization in other areas each shift.
I was the team leader heading up a cleaning team. I had to gather the right people, and supplies and arrange the hours for everyone to work to get the job done in 2 weeks.
We have a team effort with the appreciation days and we all take on roles and sometimes a couple of us hold the same role and work together. Often in the past I have been the sole party planner and hostess.
Once a year my previous employer designed and decorated one home for a needy family. I collaborated with team in the interior design. My assignment was the kitchen layout, cabinets and plumbing/electrical fixture selection.
When working with a team I like to take lead and make sure the job is completed and done right.
I was helping the pricing coordinator and we divided the labels and did our stacks. There was also times when we would work together and one would look for the beam item and the other would look for the sheet label to replace it. One would peel the label off the beam and the other would peel it off the sheet. We did this when there were a lot of labels in the same area. It helped us get it done fast and effectively.
Truck days are team effort days. It takes about 3 of us to unload the truck and get our stock room situated. My role is the same as the others.
We had to unload the truck and I stepped in and pushed for it to be done.
When doing the reset in inside garden we all had to work together to get the shelves set and product placed in their new places Ina timely manner.
Motivating employees to participate in race for the cup and the out come is leading in the district.
Last time we unloaded a truck together. My role is to be the leader, assign tasks and make sure the truck is unloaded safely and efficiently.
Team player getting Christmas ready at lowes. Helped getting bays and displays working.
Weapons squad in germany, ensuring my 240b gunner was able to be in the fight at all times.
I and my supervisor work together to downstock inventory. I am on the ladder and she calls for things she can use to fill the shelf.
Moving across country is a team effort between myself, my husband and the movers. I was the coordinator.
Help folding laundry at the hotel. My role was pillow cases.
Sponsoring of a child in. I developed the gift giving Christmas tree. I was the leader of it. Every child received a gift.
I contribute on a daily basis on team efforts. From helping other employees work stock to answering and directing other sale specialist to the right products and/or vendors to meet the needs of their customers. Because of my years in the industry younger associates look to me for guidance.
On going, Downstocking light bulbs, and straightning topstock. Everyone doing what they can on a daily basis.
I helped complete a task of fixing a cash office issue.
When tools had all the endcaps to rest Jonathan took the lead and gave several of us task to complete. He us to Remove product from the end caps and pit it back pn the shelves so they could set them faster.
Just this week I have been helping Erin the PSI on a job. It has been a very large collaborative effort between several different departments. I was tasked with flooring. I helped Erin determine the products required.
Stocking shelves while my boss took care of customers.
One instance that particularly sticks out to me happened about two weeks ago, in my department, when my department manager, myself, and a coworker were trying to re arrange and organize top stock in the blinds area. I went up on the balimore and got all the blinds down that I could reach, came down, organized them by item number, then moved on to more boxes in top stock. When they were all down we all worked together to stock the blinds on the shelf until it was full, then I got back on the balimore and my coworker and department manager helped load the blinds back onto the platform, and I took them back up and put them neatly in order on the racking.
In January our team was assigned several bays to ensure planogram integrity, cleaning and painting the fixtures as well as putting out new labels. We assisted each other in completing and verifying that the bays were clean and set correctly. My role was to aid the others in how to read a planogram so they would be able to set them correctly.
I contribute as the captain of the voice team like now we are working hard to reach our mda goal as a team in whole.
Getting the OSLG ready for the Christmas season . Helped new associates learn the plan o gram.
Worked 25 years as a customer service person with United airlines and it was a team business helping customer with there travel plans.
I worked on a project for English in college and my job was to research the history behind the project.
In my current job, we generally stick to our own work, but sometimes it is a group effort to organize and set up equipment. We had to reorganize our stock since we noticed items being misplaced more often. I was leader of that effort. I informed coworkers where stock should be stored and how we would go about organizing it. It was overall a success, and we have not lost stock since.
When I worked overnights. we would all work as a team to help get all the freight steocked and topstocked by the end of our shift.
Working in a Kazan event representing sales with all other departments.
Everyday I work with my peers is a Team effort and I was the captain.
Two weekends ago, I worked with my father and two other men to strip and buff a floor at a doctors office. My role was to clear the rooms of the equipment and to move the fans around.
As a member of the voice team, I insured that staff members in the Outside Garden area had a water source to prevent them from becoming dehydrated during their shift.
I worked on the executive board for a club at school and was in charge of executing all logistics of a major event.
This past Sunday working with my department co-workers assisting customers on the sales floor. My role was to increase floor sales, promote install sales and provide customer service.
Every job we sold and produced.
Always to get the job done on time.
Setting an event, all flowers.
Daily. Two management meetings today to analyze production incidents. My roles was to prepare documents for the team to review and to provide the specification requirements that was in question.
Remodel of a bathroom we had a short time to get it all done all subs knew what the time constraint was and we needed to tackle it like a well oil machine.
On a daily basis I contribute to a team effort some times im in charge some time my boss is in charge and I follow his lead and help team members.
I contributed to a team effort every day as a BA it is my job to work in a team to reach our goals.
Inventory time every little product in the store had to be counted by hand. It was me and 4 other people and we all worked as equals to achieve the goal.
Internet orders are always a temporary effort. My role was to make sure everything ready smooth from state to finish and the customer was happy.
I'm my previous work, I like to work on team, but in my past work nobody play the role for team work.
In school for a project creating the diagram.
The last time I contributed to a team is when I was designated as head of new store openings.
I worked for a company that did sales reports each month manually. It took two people three weeks to get our sales reports out. I taught myself a new computerized database and created a reports that now took one person three days to complete. The old way was added manually with multiple mistakes. My system was 100% because it was all done using formulas in the database. We were all able to be more productive because of it.
I contributed to my team by being a leader a role model, but staying on top and then on the bottom I have the positive mind frame to able to provide the assistants that my team needs as well as me. My role was making sure I had my team and order and by being able to train and have a good positive attuide when it comes to tough situations.
I kindof feel like eveyday I'm contributing to a team effort. If I see freight on the floor, I'll put it away. If an associate asks for help and I'm able to help, I will. That to me is contributing everyday to team effort.
I assist a crew of aircraft mechanics everyday at my full-time job. I provide support and make necessary efforts to insure they have what they need to get the task at hand completed on time.
Manager, I work hard as my team so that makes them work for me.