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Lowes Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
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I stayed late locating a Lowes store that had the product in stock that the customer wanted. i followed through to the end ensuring the customer was more than satisfied
i was helping a customer in plumbing with a tub and i asked them what they were looking for so i told them i would do some research and i would get back to them welll i looked some up and i told them the prices and different options they said they would get back to me and shortly later they got back with me and asked me if this one would be good iand they bought it
i try to make that a point everytime I work with a customer I treat hem equally weather they are purchasing something or not
An elderly woman came in the store looking for a solution to a flooding problem in her condo. After talking with her briefly it was discovered she had a broken riser in her sprinkler system and the water came in through the window when the sprinklers came on. I offered to go to her home after work and see what parts she needs so she doesnt spend money she doesnt have. We repaired her sprinkler for her... And the next wekend her kids came into the store and found both my boyfriend and I and persosnally thanked us for taking care of their mother. They also purchased 100 dollars worth of patio accesories for her which was a bonus !
A man came in looking for a spray paint we did not have. I took his name and number told him that I would call him if I can get the product. Called the company that sold it.. Got the info and price called him back and ordered it for him. He was very happy.
Customer need my help. Continue to stay with the customer until he customer was satify.
Stayed on the customers site to finish a project long after hours so the customer would be back in business the following morning.
I was walking to the back room for my break when a customer stopped me to ask for a toy that he had been searching for. I don't work in the toys department, so I didn't want to misguide the customer in anyway. So I called for an associate in the department to come in. All the associates in that department called in sick that day. I went back to the customer, and personally searched for the toy he was looking for. After searching I still did not find anything, so I checked the inventory scanner. Turns out we had a new shipment that arrived that morning. So I requested the customer to wait, while I checked our inventory. The toy was actually their, ready to put on the shelves. So I brought the toy to the customer, and handed it to the child and he was so excited it actually made my day knowing how happy he was. His father was also, very satisfied. I didn't realize but the customer actually noted my name, and told a manager about his customer service experience.
A customer came in looking puzzled I asked if they needed help and proceeded to learn that they needed paint I found out what color, how much they needed, what parts of the house and even if anyone else was going to be helping to see how many rollers they were going to need..
When I was working at Blockbuster and things were busy on the weekends, I would take the time to help customers understand our Blockbuster Rewards program and what it had to offer.