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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
Talking about a time when you calmed an upset customer can be a great example for this question. Be ready to talk about the time you went above and beyond with handling a customer complaint. Explain how you personally listened to every word the customer had to say. Next, describe how you apologized to the customer with a calm voice and sincere heart. Finally, be sure to tell the interviewer what solution you offered the customer. Perhaps you did not charge them for a meal if it was in a restaurant. Maybe you offered a new dish for them to try. Be sure to close with how happy the customer was when they left! Or, you may approach the question with something you have done during the normal course of the day to go above and beyond for your customers. For example, if you work at a grocery store, you might share that you walk the customers out to their car when customer levels allow and assist them with loading the groceries into their car.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
I try to make that a point everytime I work with a customer I treat hem equally weather they are purchasing something or not.
I stayed late locating a Lowes store that had the product in stock that the customer wanted. I followed through to the end ensuring the customer was more than satisfied.
I was helping a customer in plumbing with a tub and I asked them what they were looking for so I told them I would do some research and I would get back to them welll I looked some up and I told them the prices and different options they said they would get back to me and shortly later they got back with me and asked me if this one would be good iand they bought it.
In a past job I had running a bread route a situation arose a couple of times where I would be short of product due to higher than expected sales. I would call a fellow co-worker on his route to see if he could sacrifice any product without hindering his customers or sales and ask to transfer it to me. In these cases I would meet up with him and go back out to the store after normal receiving hours to get product in their store for customer sales.
Had a damaged cabinet come in for a customer so when the new one came in, I delivered it myself.
A customer came in to the store and had trouble installing his shower I went online and spent some time looking for a video that showed him step by step how to install and then made sure he was comfortable that he could install and told him if he needed anything to give us a call and we would help anyway we could.
Man was in the dog house with his waie so me picked out a beautiful bunch flowers and I wrapped them up really pretty.
I was with another customer in store and had another costumer on the phone asking about patio furniture, but she also wanted to know about the sales that we had going on. I asked if I could call her back when I was done with the in store customer. I called her back at home and provided her with the information that she was looking for, upon that she came in the next day bought some patio furniture and also let me me a customer compliment.
I had a customer come in that his cell phone had been shut off. I called the cell phone company to find out what happened. There was a mix up with the cereal numbers with his phone and another. I called three different places and researched the issue. At the end I had the customers phone working agin with extra minutes put on his phone for his trouble.
I had a customer that came in wanting an item that we did not sale in the the store. I told the customer about the atg store, and we looked for the product and found exactly what the customer was looking for. I ordered the item and had it shipped directly to her home. She thanked me and was verry satisfied.
A customer wanted a specific winter coat we did not have in the store. I went to the computer at the store and ordered the specific item she wanted and made sure she was satisfied before walking out of the store. I made sure the item shipped directly to the customers home.
A recent time would be when a customer came in wanting to place a corsage order but had no clue what she wanted. I helped give her suggestions and showed her pictures till she new what she wanted.
I went in to work extremely early to finish work that would effect the clients ability to wait on customers.
Sold product, add on sales, actually visited the customer at their home.
I had a customer who came up to me while I was working in the plumbing department and was looking to re-do their bathroom and had a lot of questionsd. I went above and beyond by immediately explaining the PSI program to the customer and setting them up for a lead in the system to speak with our PSI associate as well as assisting the customer find the exact product that they needed and saving an order in the system of all the item numbers of all the products they wanted so that when the PSI associate sat with them they would be all set and it would go quicker.
While on my day off my customer came in and the employee he worked with ordered the wrong tile when I discovered the problem I called Lowes hotline to check to see if our ware house had the right tile to get to my customer and called the warehouse to send the tile in 48 hours to be deleiverd to the customer.
Emailing the vice president of the loan company to see if I could personally go to a customers home to renew her personal loan with us because all loans were to stay in the office. Her mortgage company was getting ready to foreclose on her home because she could no work due to a car accident and could no longer drive and had not received her settlement yet. This customer had been with our company for over 15 years and I knew that she needed help and I done what was right to help her out and save her home.
A man came in looking for a spray paint we did not have. I took his name and number told him that I would call him if I can get the product. Called the company that sold it.. Got the info and price called him back and ordered it for him. He was very happy.
It was time for me to go to lunch and I had a phone call to help a customer on a sale, I got her information and she paid for it and I had to fax her the contract to sign. I thought I was done but another customer walked up customer wanted to purchase some blinds and we didnt have them all instock. She didnt want to wait 2 weeks to get them in. So I looked up other stores to see who had them. We checked three other stores when we finnaly found all 22 of them. I couldnt get through to home decor so she had to run an eron. While she was gone I had to call the store back and while waiting more customers came wanting assistance. I help them while waiting to talk to the other store. They said they had the blinds. Customer called me and I let her know and she thank me for going through all the trouble of finding the blinds for her and she said she will let my manager know how I helped her and spent majority of my time with her.
Just recently a customer went to customer service to attempt to get their credit card information but the associate was unable to locate the account information so I called our customer service number and was able to get the customer their credit card information.
A customer was promised items through the lowes interiors project that was never translated into the file and purchase orders. Consequently the customer was never charged for the items. However, these wee critical items needed to finish the clients kitchen and allow them to fully operate in the kitchen. I investigated the. Availability of the items and did three things: First, I enlisted the rep for the cabinets and persuaded him to provide the cabinet part that was missing for free. He also expedited the item, but it would not arrive for 8. Days. Second, I contact the manufacturer directly and ordered additional decorative items and created a PO that would be express shipped to the store within 4 business days. Third,I researched tha availability of in store items needed and found we did not. Have enough and hand. I found another lowes. Store with the items and had them ICB for pick the next day. The next day I relieved the ICB parts from receiving, packaged and labeled the. I sent an email to installed sale, fellow designer and my manager outlining what was needed and the steps I took to remedy the situation. The solutindid require the assistance of installed sales to coordinate with the installer the arrival of all materials and when the installer would be available. I also investigated the possibility of the installer giving us measurements of the cabinet part needed and calling me to get the part cut at the store. I could easily have the material cut, and finished no delivered to the clients home, well within the hour. I contacted e client while the final installation was going on and followed up with them to ensure that everything had been completed and met her needs. I apologized for the second installation date and acknowledged it was an intrusion o. Their time. I emphasized how much we enjoyed working with her, appreciatd her patience, and if she has any questions or needs any further assistance to please callee. I thanked her for working with us and ow much I enjoyed working with her.
A sale manager came in to buy our bags from Glad Manufacturing. I took to all the different department from start to end.
The other day I was walking by the paint desk and noticed a customer standing there looking impatient, I asked if they have been help and they replied no they have been waiting five minutes. So I told them that I will take care of them and I helped them pick out there paint colors and the proper sundries for there project and signed up on my lowes card. Thanked them and told them to have a great day.
During closing time I noticed a man in a wheelchair with a list of items. I asked the gentleman if he needed some help, he replied yes. So I escorted him around the store personally until he had everything, he told me thanks and I said no problem Sir come back again.
I had a very irate customer mad at us because his wife bought a car without his permission. I calmly explained the laws and listend to him for a bit and we came to an agreement that he was wrong to come in so mad.
Put a lawn mower together for a customer who was unable to assemble it themself.
I would offer customer rental vehicle or shuttle service while vehicle being repaired.
Many times working latr or trying to accommodate a time frame.
I received a call at three o clock in the morning that one of our critical main buildings was without air conditioning, I got out of bed drove down there and was able to get the air conditioning system running.
My last job: customer called after hours desperately needing a referral for a patient so I stayed a little later and did and faxed the referral to the Nursing Home.
I stayed late at work to look over customer billing statement and explain it to them.
I was asked to layout a garden an irrigation system for an elderly lady that was a friend of the family. I did this for her but realized she had no way to pay for the work. Since this was an easy task for me since I had done this many times before I did all the work pro bono for the lady. Not only was this gratifying to do this work, it also worked out for me and her when she received yard of the month for 3 months in a row. I continued to look after the garden and mowed her lawn for the next four years.
At lowes I helped someone get to their car because the road was slippery because of the snow.
I try to do that everyday. I never let a customer leave without making sure they have everything they need as well as know how to install it and/or that we can install it for them. I had a customer that I had worked with in the past and had not seen her in quite awhile come into our store asking questions about the carpet choices she made at another lowes. I found out that she had a fire in her home and her contractor chose which lowes they would use. Regardless that she was not buying the product from us I felt I had a responsibility to her to make sure she knew what she was buying was what would work for her family. I quickly realized that something was wrong because there was not only the wrong carpet colors and choices but there was more carpet than she needed as well. I proceeded to talk with one of our commercial specialists and the flooring department for the other store to get to the bottom of the situation. After several weeks and conversations with all the parties involved we were able to get her measured properly, straighten out the order, and make her feel like someone was actually looking out for her and her family.
There was a older man at mcdonalds once he walked with a cain, so it was hard for him to make his drink and to carry his tray to his table. With out him asking I carried his tray to his table for him and asked him what he wanted to drink so that I could make it for him, when he was done I threw away his trash for him and made sure he could make it to his car fine.
I worked in appliances making sure the customer got their washing and dryer. Washer in Schertz.
Paid to have some lumber sprayed for bugs at a jobsite at our company expense.
We had a bad snow storm and one of our customers needed a item to help get a piece of equipment back in running condition to continue to make impact on the weather. So we actually took the item and met him at place where the equipemt was to solove the issue.
Helping my female customers to complete a project with custom colors that needed matched to specific pieces.
I stayed late to complete a flooring design so the customer would not have to come back.
I had a customer come up to customer service on a Sunday night at 757p when our closing was 8p. He needed to apply for a lowes credit card and then pay for the items he was purchasing. He had already been approved for a lowes credit card online so he had the paperwork to show me. I go on the computer and found his confirmation number for the approval on the credit card. I then had to complete the rest of the application and submit it. He was approved then temporary credit card printed. Thanks to a fellow associate she had invoiced most of his items so all I had to do when scan around 5 items to add to his order. I processed the amount and ran the credit card. Due to the card being new I had to contact the credit center for them to approve the large amount his was buying, which was like 2500 dollars roughly. After I explained to the credit center they needed to speak to him personally. After speaking with the customer I was told to go ahead and try running the card again. I did and the sale went through. The customer was very pleased he thanked me over and over. When it comes to helping a customer out it does not matter what time it may be because the customer always comes first.
I helped a lady locate and facilitate the shipping of some cabinet handles that were non-stock and could not be found at her local lowes store.
A previous client was concerned with several design decisions, and insisted she needed to resolve the issues on my day off. She would not speak to another designer. I checked with my manager if I could switch my day off and I met with her and resolved all issued.
I had a customer who wanted a rubbermade shed . We were out of stock on them so I called a neighber Lowes they had 1 in stock so I called and verified with employee Gabe he had 1 left and would hold it. I notified the customer I could have it sent here for pick up or he could pick it up thier he oppted to go pick it up and left very happy.
I had a customer that had about 20 different keys and he needed 3 of each of them. He was confusing himself trying to sort them out and I helped him to figure out which one went with which and how many he still needed of each. I made each one he needed. He appreciated the help and was thankful.
I had a customer that had about 20 different keys and he needed 3 of each of them. He was confusing himself trying to sort them out and I helped him to figure out which one went with which and how many he still needed of each. I made each one he needed. He appreciated the help and was thankful.
A young mother came into the store wanting a way to protect her child from being able to touch a gas operated fireplace and since it was in the early fall time we had not yet recieved our stock of.
I do this a lot at Walgreens. I greet every customer I come in contact with "Welcome to Walgreens" I always ask if there is anything I can do to help. I dont tell people where items are I show them. If we dont have something in stock I personally call other locations to find the product in need and I also help with online orders if thats what a customer needs.
Recently, customer was looking for a larger bag of grass seed than was on the sales floor. not knowing the product I offered to look on line to see if a larger bag was available. did not have the exact bag he needed but asked qualifying questions and was able to determine we had a product that would fit his needs. Customer selected the product and sought me out during the check out process. In addition to the grass seed, I was able to suggest additional items with increased total basket sale. 2 weeks later customer brought in pictures of completed project.
I went to a customers house to replace a door handle.
Personal shopper, took customer through store to complete project.
I had a customer who was really unsure about two backsplash pieces. She had new countertops put in and did not have a sample or a picture for her to match it up. So we walked over to the countertops displays found her exact countertop sample and found a cabinet sample closest to our ability. WE spent about 2 hours on trying to match things up with out things being to busy and without being to plain. The customer comes in quiet often and makes a point to come thank me or say hi everytime they are in the store.
I had an elderly lady ask me where the deck mounted shepherds hooks were and I showed her. I let her know that it did not come with the mounting screws. She was tired and said she did not want to walk to hardware to get any. I told her to wait on a bench in outside garden and I would get them. I asked her where here she was going to be mounting this and on what size wood so that I got the right length screws. I brought everything back to her and she was extremely grateful for my help.
A customer wanted a bar built on his deck for the weekend, which was the weekend we were supposed to be going home. I decided to stay the extra two days to complete the task to keep the customer happy.
I was scheduled to go home for a weekend, but the customer was talking about how nice it would be to have a bar on his deck for the weekend. So I decided to stay the extra two days to finish a project I did not have to just to keep the customer happy.
My first day working in a deli. The senior employees passed me off the a difficult customer who visits weekly. The customer was very detailed about his order of very exspensive meat. I made it a point that every time he visited that I personally waited on him. I found another job and informed him that this will be my last time servicing him. I had my back turned and heard a yell. It was him with a flower for me wishing me well.
I stayed a weekend I was supposed to have off to complete a project for a customer so he could present it to his guests at an upcoming party. He was very thankful.
I try to go above and beyond for all my customers. I once followed a wounded vet who was in one of our motorized carts he had lost his legs and needed help getting off our cart to get in his wheelchair. He was very happt and thanked me.
I was working on a job down in maryland, I was supposed to be going home for the weekend when the homeowner mentioned it would be really nice if he had a bar on his deck for a party he had planned next week. I decided to stay and finish this project for him. He was extremely satisified.
More then once a customer had called from Afganistan or Iraq and asked a question about a system that we did not support. I was always willing to work the issue to the point of contacting support after hours.,
Delivered a messed up snadwich to a customer when I was not allowed to drive, an inshop employee.
If we did not have something in stock at our store I would check other stores to see if they had the product and could send it to our store for pickup.
I looked up 50 gallons of blue paint for a customer at Rustoleum. Com to see if it would be cheaper to direct order or to send the request to our regular distribution center. It came about that it was better to order dc. I asked my manager to put through the request. The customer was very happy.
Anytime I was able to locate a product the customer wanted at another store was always great, or finding the perfect product through special order I believe is going above and beyond.
Working at a hotel, we were booked up. A guest came in looking for a room. I offered to call other hotels to see about availability and rates. I was able to get the guest a room closer to where they were working at a better price.
I used to work at a store in the 80s where we had a customer come near closing with habit. He would always purchase a mass amount of linoleum which would take at least 30 minutes to prepare for him. I happened to work a night when he arrived and I greeted him with a smile, got what he wanted, chatted with him about how his business was going, etc.
Recently, I was working with a customer that needed something installed rather quickly. The customer was leaving the state, this was something that needed to be done for the rental property. The customer was not prepared for the situation that occurred with their property. I was able to suggest financing through Lowes, suggesting the intrest free, having the installation through Lowes and setting up delivery and added on the EPP. I sold the whole package to the customer and followed up with them. This process ensured a repeat customer. I stayed with a customer throughout the process and was able to get the installation done by the time the customer left to go back to their home state.
I had a repeat customer come in looking for another order of door slabs, during the conversation he indicated he was also looking for a large amount of product that Lowes does not carry. I told him to ive me a day and I would see if I could find a vendor for the products he was looking to purchase and get him a price and lead time. After calling around to several vendors I was able to secure pricing and deliver in the time frame the customer needed. After sitting down with the customer and closing the deal, we were also able to coordinate and load the product in containers for overseas delivery.
I had a repeat customer come in looking for another order of door slabs, during the conversation he indicated he was also looking for a large amount of product that Lowes does not carry. I told him to ive me a day and I would see if I could find a vendor for the products he was looking to purchase and get him a price and lead time. After calling around to several vendors I was able to secure pricing and deliver in the time frame the customer needed. After sitting down with the customer and closing the deal, we were also able to coordinate and load the product in containers for overseas delivery.
Called sylvannia about appliance bulb ratings. In front of and for a customer. When given the answer customer appreciated the extra step I took answering his question.
I went to do a merchandise pickup and I had to go to the other end of the building to get a cart and then I could not find the product in receiving and so I asked for help from the receiving clerk and it had not been pulled so I went out to the floor and searched for the product and got help from the manager for the product and had to get the product from another store because the associate never pulled the product and we did not have it anymore.
I stayed late to help a customer find a product at another lowes store.
A few weeks ago a customer came on as I was leaving for the day. She had questions about her EST and wanted me to go over the EST with her . She seen I was leaving and told me she would come back the next day but I told her not to worry that would more then happy to answer her questions now. So we sit down and went over the quote.
A gentleman came into the department looking to purchase hardwood floors. I discussed with him what his ideas were and showed him some samples that I thought fit his ideas. He picked out the product and I brought him to the desk to finalize his purchase. I asked him if he would be taking the product with him, or if I could interest him in a delivery. I informed him that the delivery department would bring the product to his house and would get it in, or as close to his garage as possible. There was a slight miscommunication, and on the day of the delivery the delivery team was not able to get the product into the garage. It was starting to rain and the customer was concerned that the product would be no longer useable. When he called I explained that I would do everything I could do right this wrong, and I would talk to a manager and call him back immediately. Upon speaking with my manager it was agreed upon that myself and another associate would go to his home to hand-stack the merchandise into his garage. I informed that customer of this and told him we would be there as soon as possible. When we arrived it had already begun to rain, but we moved quickly, and none of the product was damaged. The customer was very thankful that we were able to go out, because he was not able to move it all by himself.
Customer needed product not in stock and I found product on internet search.
Last Winter while working at Fisk Transportation while cleaning out a van I noticed one of our elderly drivers outside in the snow cleaning his car off. I immediatly dropped what I was doing and went outside to help him. I noticed that all the drivers cars were covered and I procedded to clean all of them off windshields tailgates siderails and all.
I do that for every customer. I will find the best price and what ever they need.
Calling another sister store for a customer to insure they have a product in stock when we dont.
Took customer to sales area where they could not find assistance and assured customer satisfaction.
Stayed on the customers site to finish a project long after hours so the customer would be back in business the following morning.
I am determined and want to better myself everyday I go above and beyond in everything I do.
Was working a task and saw a customer looking lost and was able to make a sale and open a card and a warranty and then went back to my task.
One day while working at the Bensalem lowes, I just finished lunch and as I was walked out of the break room to clock in a weekend team member stopped me told me she could not find in thatdepartment and asked me to help a who needed to buy flooring that matched flooring he had in his home but only that only PA stores had the color/style flooring he needed. I had trouble locating it but when I did we only had two boxes. I helped him figure out that he needed at least 23 boxes. So I continued to search PA stores. I found that Langhonre had 25 boxes. I called to verify and ask about and ICB but the flooring specialist suggest they take care of the sale and delivery until they found out it was in Jersey. So I talked to MOD and asked if he would approve the ICB and if our store could delivery it to NJ. When it was approved the customer took all 27 boxes. And was very greatful and for all the help to get what he need when he needed it.
I had a customer who needed something we did not have at the front and I was able have the item brought out for her so she did not have to go back for it while still checking her out while the item was brought out.
Had a customer really wanting a push mower that was non stock for us, I offered different ones to her she did not want them only wanted the one we did not have so I looked at the lowes to see who had one in stock found one store it was boone nc so I called to see if I could get it ICBed in they said no then I explained how important it was to get this for my customer I then proceed to talk a manager there at the boone store and told him my situtation he then oked the ICB customer was very happy.
After hurricane Katrina and Rita I had a customer looking for a generator and every store in the area was sold out. While I had her on the phone I looked up the stores in the San Antonio area. I found 1 with several on hand according to the computer. I put the customer on hold since she was willing to drive to San Antonio to pick it up. I called the store they did have several, I helped her purchase it over the phone and they had it waiting for her at customer service.
When I was working at Blockbuster and things were busy on the weekends, I would take the time to help customers understand our Blockbuster Rewards program and what it had to offer.
One time, before I personally took charge of our stock, a customer emailed me asking where their item was. The item turned out to have already been sold. I regretfully informed the customer, and offered them a similar item at a discount. The customer did not want the similar item, they wanted an item of that model. Because we work in vintage items, it is not easy to come by much of our stock. I offered the customer a full refund and told them I would search for another item on the same model and offer it to them and at great discount and free overnight shipping. They agreed. After about 2 weeks, I located the item they wanted and sent it to them as fast as possible. They were very pleased with our level of customer service and shops with us very frequently now.
A customer came in looking puzzled I asked if they needed help and proceeded to learn that they needed paint I found out what color, how much they needed, what parts of the house and even if anyone else was going to be helping to see how many rollers they were going to need..
I had a customer that wanted.
A customer was dissatisfied with another employee on the floor so I fixed there order, helped them load there order and took on the responsibility of following up with the customers new order and insuring accuracy of the previous and new order.
Calling power fpl for service.
Taking the tine to utlize all resourses and oroviding chuces.
While working at Home Depot a fellow employee had reached his limit in trying to satisfy a customer that was not happy with the color of her mixed paint even after her third choice. I asked if I could help and then began giving her advice based on what she had already declined and was able to guide her to a color that she was happy with.
I had a customer to come into the store and brought 4 nonstok lights she got home and put the lights up and when she got to the fourth lights, it was broke. She called back to the store to see if we had any more, and we did not. I ooked up all store invatory and called every store until we found a store with the product in stock.
A new MYLOWES card member came in and basically said she was computer illiterate and wanted to know more about it, she was getting ready to have a kitchen remodel and she had numerous receipts already and had no idea where to go from there. I told her that I would be going on break at a certain time that day and if she wanted to bring in all of her receipts from this remodel so far and any other receipts she wanted to keep on her card I would input them all for her, make different folders for different receipts. She came back at the time we talked about and as I was inputing I was teaching her how to do all this herself. A few days later she came in and let me know that she had been on the site and entered some receipts she found.. Moved things around.. She left very happy and every time she comes in she has to stop by and say hello.
An elderly woman came in the store looking for a solution to a flooding problem in her condo. After talking with her briefly it was discovered she had a broken riser in her sprinkler system and the water came in through the window when the sprinklers came on. I offered to go to her home after work and see what parts she needs so she doesnt spend money she doesnt have. We repaired her sprinkler for her... And the next wekend her kids came into the store and found both my boyfriend and I and persosnally thanked us for taking care of their mother. They also purchased 100 dollars worth of patio accesories for her which was a bonus !
One example is a customer had seen some louvered doors at one of our locations in Florida and wanted to buy them up here I went to the trouble of finding the store down their and then getting up here called around got them for them.
Customer need my help. Continue to stay with the customer until he customer was satify.
I had todeal with a difficult client that was very demandng, and when we identified a problem, I was able to orgainze a system application in a way that made it easier to understand for the customers, and stayed late many nights working on this application. As an end result it was easy for customers to use and cleared up a 4 month backlog.
I have called other stores for customers to see if they carried something we were out of and then gave them the number and directions on how to get there.
I was walking to the back room for my break when a customer stopped me to ask for a toy that he had been searching for. I don't work in the toys department, so I didn't want to misguide the customer in anyway. So I called for an associate in the department to come in. All the associates in that department called in sick that day. I went back to the customer, and personally searched for the toy he was looking for. After searching I still did not find anything, so I checked the inventory scanner. Turns out we had a new shipment that arrived that morning. So I requested the customer to wait, while I checked our inventory. The toy was actually their, ready to put on the shelves. So I brought the toy to the customer, and handed it to the child and he was so excited it actually made my day knowing how happy he was. His father was also, very satisfied. I didn't realize but the customer actually noted my name, and told a manager about his customer service experience.
The time that I can recall going above and beyond for customer service is when I saw a lovely couple sitting at a table for about 7 minuets. I had become their server for the evening. I made sure that they were well taken care of.
In my last job I would make it a point to call some of my patients and check on them to see how they were feeling or how their day was going.
I havent had the opportunity to yet but I would love too learn too be the best lowes employee I could possibly be.
A little while back a woman came into the store and purchased a toilet. She had done a phone order with us, we pulled it and had it brought to the front for her. She was a sweet lady. She returned the following day in panic with the toilet because when her installer had opened the box half of the toilet pieces were missing. She was almost in tears because her installer was charging her extra for having to wait around for her to fix the issue with the toilet. Seeing how distressed she was, I brought the situation up to the ASM on duty and asked if there was anything we could do for her since it was the manufacturer at fault and not her. He said I made a good call and gave the woman a good discount off for her trouble. She had tears of joy and thanked me and the ASM for our awesome service.
I had a customer who came in to purchase a specific item, but our store was out of stock. I called around and found the item, and had that store ship it to the customer.
I took a call from a dissatisfied customer regarding confusion on an appliance delivery. I took the time to get all of their details, gave them my name and assured them I would call them back when I got it cleared up. I always call back and update out customer with a resolution.
Robert called over to the hardware desk and said there was a customer coming over with a bar stool that he needs fixed. So Don and I found the correct screws fixed it and made sure all of the screws were tightened. It was time to clock out when we were done and when I went by the cashier they handed me the bag of extra screws as they had forgotten them. So I went out and found them.