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At Company ABC we have a variety of career opportunities. Do you prefer to work on-site or in an office environment?

The interviewer would like to know more about your flexibility when it comes to your work environment. The best answer you can give will reflect your willingness to do what it takes on any given day. Of course, you are allowed to express a preference. Just be sure to avoid closing a door one way or the other.

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33 Construction Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. At Company ABC we have a variety of career opportunities. Do you prefer to work on-site or in an office environment?

  • 2. At Company ABC we employ a large variety of personalities in trade and office based roles. Do you have experience managing a variety of personalities?

  • 3. Our construction projects at Company ABC vary greatly in terms of size and budget. Tell me about the range of projects you have worked on.

  • 4. We have a few strong competitors at Company ABC. In your opinion, what makes us stand out from the others?

  • 5. At Company ABC we strive to be the best in our industry. In your opinion, what could we be doing better?

  • 6. We offer many opportunities for growth with Company ABC. How would you like to see your career grow with us?

  • 7. We always have multiple projects on the go at Company ABC. Are you accustomed to working on multiple projects at one time?

  • 8. At Company ABC we work on a range of projects. When it comes to the construction industry, do you prefer working on commercial or residential projects?

  • 9. At Company ABC we seek to hire those with a wide range of skills and talents. What are your top 3 strengths.

  • 10. Safety comes first at Company ABC. Tell me about your safety related training and your safety record in your current position.

  • 11. Construction can be stressful. How do you deal with stressful situations in the workplace?

  • 12. Company ABC is looking for a team member with flexible work hours. Are you able and willing to work overtime as needed?

  • 13. What role do you generally like to take in team projects?

  • 14. Are you applying for any other jobs?

  • 15. What decisions did you routinely make in your last position?

  • 16. What is your current salary?

  • 17. Tell me about a recurring problem that you run into in your current position, and how you handle it.

  • 18. Tell me one thing about yourself that you would like to improve upon.

  • 19. What type of goals do you like to set for yourself and your team?

  • 20. Do you believe you are a leader? When have you led a team?

  • 21. What attracts you the most to this particular position?

  • 22. Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

  • 23. Company ABC is asking for 8 years of industry experience and you have just 5. Why do you think you are qualified for this position?

  • 24. We believe in goal setting, here at Company ABC. Tell me about one of your goals. How are you working towards it?

  • 25. When have you had to be extra thorough in completing tasks?

  • 26. When have you taken an existing process and used your own creativity to make it better?

  • 27. What feedback did you receive at your last job?

  • 28. It seems that your resume is missing certain skills that are necessary for this position. How do you plan to compensate for these missing skills?

  • 29. Tell me about an error or mistake you made because of a breakdown in communication from you or one of your team members.

  • 30. Why do you want this job with Company ABC?

  • 31. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

  • 32. Do you consider yourself a patient person? How do you increase your patience level in challenging situations?

  • 33. Which parts of your current position bring you the most stress?