School Bus Driver
1. The pros to a being a in the profession of a School bus driver is the ability to work with students from diverse populations. To know that you are providing safe and timely transportation to children. Also to act as a community leader to the students.
2. Need to professional looking and know the job needs.
3. To maintain safety for the kids inside the school bus.
4. I get to drive a bus and make a positive impression on the next generation.
5. Pros would be interaction with the children.
6. Though it can be a challenging job, it could be so rewarding. You are apart of a kids whole school experience.
7. Hours of work working with children.
1. It is a sitting job. But there is time to exercise in between.
Career Field
Job Satisfaction
Interview Difficulty
Hours per Week
30 Hrs/Wk
Education Requirements

All bus drivers must have a commercial driverís license (CDL). The qualifications for getting one vary by state but generally include passing both knowledge and driving tests. States have the right to not issue a license to someone who has had a CDL suspended by another state.

Work Environment

School bus drivers or special-client bus drivers are usually employed by a school district or private transportation company that contracts with a district to provide bus service. Some school bus service is provided by a local government.