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Why do you wish to work as a Telephone Operator?
Tell the interviewer what motivated you to apply for this position. Answer this question by mentioning, e.g., how passionate you are about helping others and that you love to talk to people over the phone.
Answer examples
"I wish to work as a Telephone Operator because love phone conversations and helping customers solve their problems to the best of my abilities."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you wish to work as a Telephone Operator?
I really like to help people through the phone because it allows me to get to know more the clients.
I chose to become a telephone operator because I have strong communication skills and I wanted to be in a position to develope my skills and help people.
I love to interact with people.
I have the ability to do this job very well. With the experiences I earn by doing security work can help me a lot.
To be part of a team to make the patients lives as easy as I can.
I like trying new positions and like daily challenges.
As I said previously, I thoroughly enjoy working with people, and I understand that as a Switchboard operator dealing with people is my job. I want to uphold the brand of the company by providing top notch customer service.
I want to be a switchboard operator because I love interacting with others. Life is all about building relationships with others. I want to uphold the Hytrol brand by delivering quality customer service. On top of this, I have a done a similar job to this while working for UAMS and loved it.
I enjoy working in public relations. It make me feel good when I know I am in position to help someone. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to help people.
I chose this field because i'm a people person and I enjoy assisting persons and ensuring that their needs are met.
I like to talk, I enjoy solving problems, I want to build new skills and enhance the ones I already have.
I've found that providing customer service over the phone as opposed to face-to-face suits me best.
I love speaking with different people as well as helping them. I may be speaking with them over the phone but I ensure a pleasant experience by providing quality customer service.
I feel I am the best candidate for you because I am upbeat courteous patient a great listener and communicator.
I choose to become a Telephone Operator because I like to multitask from one call to another.
I have great communication skills and I worked as a hotel front desk receptionist that also requires telephone operator job.
I worked within an office environment for 20 plus years but took a career break - I felt that this would be a great opportunity for me to re-establish myself in this line of work.
I felt it a great opportunity to regain my status within an office based environment and I am interested in customer service and willing to learn.
I enjoy working with the public and communicating. I'm willing to undertake any further training offered To me.
The telecoms sector is growing and there are opportunities for this kind of work throughout the country in the public and private sector, for example, banking, insurance, telesales, hospitality and front-of-office. Career progression would normally involve moving into supervisory and management roles, training, administration or human resources.
I am very comfortable on the phone and have many years experience.
Being a telephone operator allows you to deal with all types of individuals, where some can be very pleasant, and which makes it not hard to be helpful, and its a job that can be stressful and easy going at time.
I chose to become a telephone operator because I really enjoy interacting with people.
I like helping people and inter- act with all different cultures.
Why did you choose to become a Telephone Operator?
I have 16 years of customer service experience with 10 years administration experience.
Well this job is quite challenging and im looking for some challenge that will help me grow.