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How do you stay current on changes in the staffing and HR field?

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Advice and Examples: How do you stay current on changes in the staffing and HR field? For a Staffing Manager Interview Question.

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    How do you stay current on changes in the staffing and HR field?

      How to Answer

      Because laws and trends in the staffing industry are continuously changing, keeping yourself up to date in any way possible is vital to both the success of yourself and any organization that employs you. In asking this question, your interviewer wants to hear that you are proactive in staying ahead of the changing landscape in the staffing world. This can include employment law changes and new technologies and innovations in the field. Before your interview, think of ways that you actively participate in continuing education, the journals and publications that you subscribe to, and ways that you network with others in your field. Be able to highlight your desire to continue to learn and grow into the future as the next Staffing Manager with this organization.

      Amy's Answer

      "There are several ways that I stay current in employment laws and continue to educate myself. First, I subscribe to SHRM, and I receive emails daily that update me with changes. I also talk with candidates to determine what kind of experiences they had with other companies. I also ask them where they applied and how they learn about jobs they want to apply to. In talking to candidates, I've found a few ways to improve my own processes and procedures. Finally, my staff and I attend continuing education courses at least every year. We try to split up the sessions we attend and then report back to the entire group."