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What is your greatest accomplishment as an ABE Teacher?

"The greatest accomplishment in my career was graduating university as an honors student at the top of my class while still working part-time as a volunteer teachers' assistant. This showed me that I could dedicate myself to my career and reach the goals that I set for myself. It felt great to accomplish so much and be recognized for my dedication."

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30 ABE Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Accomplishment

    1. What is your greatest accomplishment as an ABE Teacher?

  • Adaptability

    2. Do you prefer doing work on a routine day-to-day basis or do you prefer mixing up your routine occasionally?

  • Adaptability

    3. How will you instruct students with varying abilities?

  • Behavioral

    4. What does a typical day look like in your classroom?

  • Behavioral

    5. Tell me about a former student you still have a good relationship with.

  • Career Goals

    6. Have you progressed in your teaching career as you have expected?

  • Career Goals

    7. Why did you choose to be an ABE Teacher?

  • Career Goals

    8. What are your career goals 5 years from now?

  • Communication

    9. ABE Teachers need to have strong communication skills. Rate your communication skills from 1-10.

  • Communication

    10. How would your students describe your teaching style?

  • Creative Thinking

    11. How do you engage a classroom full of adults?

  • Diligence

    12. How would you describe your work ethic?

  • Diligence

    13. Being a teacher can be challenging. How can we motivate you on the job?

  • Discovery

    14. Tell me about a personal goal and a professional goal you are working towards currently.

  • Discovery

    15. Tell me about yourself.

  • Discovery

    16. What professional development opportunities do you take advantage of to further develop your teaching skills?

  • Discovery

    17. What was the last book you read?

  • Discovery

    18. What is a weakness you are currently working on?

  • Discovery

    19. What are three words that best describe you?

  • Discovery

    20. How do you cope with stress on the job?

  • Discovery

    21. How do you define your own personal success?

  • Discovery

    22. What are your strengths?

  • Discovery

    23. What motivates you as an ABE Teacher?

  • Diversity

    24. When have you worked among a diverse group of people?

  • Experience

    25. We are asking for eight years of industry experience and you have just five. Why do you think you are qualified for this position?

  • Performance Based

    26. Give me an example of a time when you went above and beyond for a student or fellow teacher.

  • Problem Solving

    27. How do you deal with conflict in your classroom?

  • Salary

    28. What is your current salary?

  • Trust

    29. As an ABE Teacher, what do you believe is your best asset?

  • Work From Home

    30. How often do you take work home with you?