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Clara Canon
Meet Clara
Clara is a career coaching expert and has supported individuals landing positions in education, nonprofit, corporate, and beyond. She has extensive experience in teaching, management, career development, international education, and nonprofit work, and she can't wait to help you get to the next level!
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Why are you a good fit for this job and our school district?
Clara's Top Answer
"I believe my combination of education, skills, experience, and awareness make me a great fit for this position. My Bachelor of Education provided me with the tools necessary to teach and develop young people, and my experience since then has allowed me to advance and refine my skills to better serve my students. Over the last 5 years, I've taught in under-resourced communities and learned how to get creative with what I've had. I know that this district is currently undergoing budget negotiations and is predicted to cut funding to a number of schools within the next academic yea, so I am confident that I could support the students in feeling the least of the financial impact. I want students and families to feel supported by their schools and teachers, and I believe that times of transition within the district are particularly critical moments to be a consistent, reliable resource for the community."
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