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Why did you choose a career in maintenance?
The interviewer would like to know what led you to a career in maintenance. How did you arrive on this career path? Talk to the interviewer about why you chose this career and briefly discuss what keeps you engaged.
Answer examples
"After graduating High School, I attended our local trades college to become an electrician. I decided over time that I most enjoyed the variety of general maintenance and re-focused my career. I haven't looked back a day in my career because the variety keeps me happy."
Entry Level answer example
"I chose a career in maintenance because I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps. He has his machine shop, and I would hang out with him every day after school. I loved tinkering around with his tools and figuring out how parts worked together."
Experienced answer example
"I have always had a keen eye for mechanics and how machinery works. After working in a machine shop after high school, I chose to attend trades school to become a general trades professional."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why did you choose a career in maintenance?
To be semi skilled worker in maintenance industry.
I feel it is a critical part of all organizations and will always be.
I like working with my hands and seeing the final project.
I have realised that every infrastructure has to be maintained, l love keeping them always in good condition.
It something I enjoy doing and like to know that when I have finished it has improved the property.
Fair and honest, hardworking, reliable, trustworthy.
I enjoy working at various projects of which I am comfortable with.
I like to fix things and working with my hands gives me create pleasure in live.
Because I have always been interested in electrics.
Because I have knowledge of this field and I am intrest in this field.
The passion of diagnosing and fixing equipment.