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1. What do you know about our facility?
2. What plumbing experience do you have?
3. Why did you choose a career in maintenance?
4. How do you handle stressful situations?
5. Why are you qualified to be our maintenance person?
6. How would you describe your work ethic?
7. What do you like most about being in maintenance?
8. What's your ideal company to work for?
9. Would you consider yourself to be a "Jack-of-all-trades"?
10. Are you comfortable working with hand tools?
11. How important is strong customer service to you?
12. Where did you get your knowledge in maintenance?
13. If you see a problem, but are unsure of a solution, what do you do? When has this happened to you?
14. What are your salary expectations?
15. How do you handle conflict in the workplace?
16. Would you be willing to work over 40 hours a week?
17. Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
18. When do you best demonstrate yourself as a leader?
19. Are you interested in any continued education?
20. Have you ever been in a customer-facing role?
21. List the different types of piping materials you have experience with. (Example, PVC, Copper, PEX, etc.)
22. What type of electrical training do you have?
23. How do you get along with others at work?
24. What type of maintenance work do you dislike doing?
25. Do you have any questions for me?