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What do you like most about being in maintenance?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Maintenance interview

The interviewer would like to know which aspect of your maintenance career you find the most exciting. Assure the interviewer that you genuinely enjoy this career path by discussing which aspect is the most fulfilling for you.

Basic answer example
"What I enjoy most about being in maintenance is the variety that I experience every day. I face new challenges and learn new skills on a regular basis. This keeps me very motivated in my career."
Entry Level answer example
"What I like most about being a maintenance professional is that every day is different. I can fix almost anything which is an incredibly valuable skill. I like to help others who are in a pinch, by using my maintenance know-how."
Experienced answer example
"Being a maintenance professional, I find that I am called on for a wide range of needs. I learn something new everytime I am tasked with repairing a new piece of equipment or troubleshooting a machine that I have never worked on before. The learning opportunities never end."

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What do you like most about being in maintenance?
So prevantive daily bt so solve in breck down.
To keep up with roads and shoulder.
Hands on dealing with break downs and being part of the team that have ideas to a solution.
Understanding the principles and workings of various components and theories of operation.
I like the group of people I work with, I like learning new skills and and I am a good team player.
Being able to get my hands dirty fixing rater than buying taking things apart and understanding how they work.

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