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If you see a problem, but are unsure of a solution, what do you do? When has this happened to you?
The interviewer would like to know how you tackle problems on the job. The steps that you take to problem solve will tell the interviewer a lot about you. Assure the interviewer that you can efficiently manage workplace issues, even when you may not have an immediate answer.
Answer examples
"Recently I came across a major plumbing concern in one of our residential buildings. The situation was severe and required more specific expertise than I could offer. I had to call in additional resources. If I come across a problem where I do not personally have a solution, I have no concern calling other industry professionals for assistance."
Entry Level answer example
"If I am stuck on a particular problem, I will take a break from trying to figure out what's wrong and ask a coworker for advice. Getting another person's perspective when you start to feel like you're hitting a wall can help one to see a problem with a fresh set of eyes. As humans, sometimes we overthink! The biggest hurdle can be asking for help, and I am not above asking for help when I'm stuck."
Experienced answer example
"In the start of my career, I was a shift manager in a warehouse. I had a staff member who was stealing supplies. Rumors were going around that she was dishonest; however, there was no evidence. I didn't know what to do, so I carefully waited and, after two days, the rumored infractions were caught on camera. At that point, I was able to terminate her employment. I went beyond regular expectations by gaining evidence before terminating her. I knew this approach to solving the problem would prevent a human resources issue down the road, and it also saved my company from having to pay this employee any severance pay."

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User-Submitted Answers

If you see a problem, but are unsure of a solution, what do you do? When has this happened to you?
Steel strong valves sanad. My job roal maintenance engg. 3yers and 6 month exp.
Contact supervisor, then take direction. Report what I did.
Ask for advice or look up information when a large pipe had blocked and needed to pump out a drain pit to get to the problem.
Ask supervisor for direction or research issue. Dealing with an irate customer.
Ask a specific professional for advice . You can't know everything .
Asking my superior, happens in everydays practises.
I would go and see my team leader and ask what is the best way to deal with it or I would ask a member of the team.