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Use this question as an opportunity to review your skills but also end it with a question for the interviewer.
Answer examples
"I believe I would be the best person for this job because I come from a lab setting that is very similar to yours. I have strong work references and my grades were top in the class."

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User-Submitted Answers

Because I will be the best lab assisant because I confident what I can do.
I am tthe best because a lot of research lab experince.
A have good communication skills. Organising and planning skills.
Because I have the experience needed to get the job done.
I have the experience needed to get the job done.
True team player and fast learner.
I have very good experience in laboratory environment and multi taksing.
I have a triple major in biochemistry , microbiology and foood and nutrition and my personal ambition to work in this feild makes me best person.
My education, experience and my personal skills like my punctuality, detal oreiented character.
My experience in Physical Science, Chemistry,
I am extremely dependable, I work well in as a team member or independantly. I like working with the public, and I have great attention to detail. I also have great customer service skills which all of my past jobs experience have helped me in developing.
Because am handling lab with bio safety procedure.
I know that there are many quallified applicants, I personally feel that my work ethic and my strong sense of organization skills set me apart.
I have technically strong person , Igraduated with first class with distinction.
I am dedicated person to perform all the responsibilities with my skills and knowledge.
Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
I do have relevant experience and qualifications. I am committed to perform at my best level to attain effective and efficient outcome.
My previous lab experience, my commitment to improve standards and my reliability and dilligence to standards.
I have good communication skills, organising and planning skills; team player, dependable, I am committed to perform at my best level to attain effective and efficient outcome.
I am hardworking, time efficient, and have great attention to detail, as well being reliable and dependable.
My willingness to learn and my empathy for others.
I am enthusiastic and fascinated with laboratory techniques.
I have an masters degree with biochemistry and good lab experience as a biotech student I have dealt with different asceptic techniques and different instruments like electrodes elecrophoresis and blood samples.
Excellent communication skills, organization skills, planning skills and the experience you need to get the job done.
I am hard working and have an experience in medical eniveronment.
My experience and knowledge about job makes me an perfect person for this job.
I am a hard worker. I pay attention into details and make sure my work is done and accurate. I am great ability to learn fast, and will contribute to growth of your company.
I will do the best which I studied both practically and theoretically.
With my educational background, I feel as though I am very well suited for this position. I am very dedicated and self motivated to do the tasks that this job requires with confidence and enthusiasm.
I am detail-oriented and can focus on one task or many tasks.
I am very passionate about science and I feel I can bring some knowledge I ha.
I have skills and experience that makes me an ideal person for the job.
I am confident and like to learn new things, I am a quick learner who likes to be challenged. I like to work by myself but also alongside others and I have good communication and listening skills.
I have great passion for science and have always keen interest woring inside a diagnostic labratory. I am fascinated about working with the analysers and complex procedures that is carried to process samples. I have strong desire to learn more and gain more experience with 100 percent determination. I am hardworking, reiable and have high attention to detail quality.
I have the experience required for the job, I am hard working, reliable, flexible and a fast learner.
I graduated in Bachelor of science in medical technology with good grades.
I think my past experience in the lab and field makes me a good candidate for this project. I work with Santa barbara channelkeepers to monitor the marine protected areas around my community. I basically observe what people use the beach and ocean a mile form the shore and report the information to SB channelkeepers. THey use it to determine no take szones and enforcement. So I am committed to doing something for my community, and I think this lab and the idea behind it work well with my goal.
I have a biology background so I would know a little more, I am young, dedicated, determined and I go for what I want. I have leadership qualities, and the ability to adapt quickly, and good communication skills.
I bring with me characteristic traits that will benefit the company. I am responsible and very dedicated to learn this job quickly and efficiently. I am confident in my learning abilities and my work ethic to not disappoint you.
I am a clean slate right now ready to be put to the best use.
My computer skills and my qualification.As my qualification can give you the idea about my technical skills.
I am detailed-oriented, diligent, I work well with teams, I have strong communication skills, and I have an adaptable skill set for any work environment. Therefore, as long as I learn what is expected of me for this position, I will do it.
I have 5 years experience and knowledge as being a medical secretary and I am looking for a new challenge within in a similar role.
I have a good knowledge about the field.. And I am hardworking person and easily handle the different condition.
I am a hard worker, and although I may not know everything right now I always make it my business to learn it and master it. I assure you I am the best candidate, because I will always give me my all.
My optimistic attitude and love for the lab environments.
1. Hardwork 2. Patients adjustments.
I do my job to attain excellence and surpassing expectation.
I have done many different laboratory techniques and established a good understanding of the chemistry involved and still do. I am good at analyzing data, such as infrared spectrum, 1H NMR, mass spectrometry, etc.
Recently I completed a Diploma as Medical Laboratory Assistant and OSMT certification, over 10 years of experience working in hospital laboratory will make me a best person for this job.
My education, my experience, my capabilities, my knowledge, my potential, my innovative ideas, my strategy, my honesty, my hard work, and my sincerity....
I have years of training in a lab atmosphere. I have also volunteered in a lab and worked in a lab. Science is my passion and working in a hospital lab is my goal.
Because I wont let Bronson down because I refuse to let myself down I will approach this position with motivation, reliability and fairness, I will be a team player a leader and an asset because I take pride in whatever I do especially my job because I would like to have a future with Bronson.
With 23 years of experience, I can do any job that given to me.
I am extremely detail orientated and take pride in proper lab protocol. I know how important it is for samples to be labeled properly and to remain un-contaminated.
I wont say I am the best person for it but I am the one who will never give up hope, and tries her level best to get the job done. I am fully dedicated person for my work and there is nothing more important than it.
I am the best candidate for this position because I have years of industry experience and have a vast knowledge of laboratory practices.
I have academic experience in working in a lab. I am careful with chemicals and other lab tools.
I have the I can do it spirit.
Actually, I was looking for my field job from a long time and I m really happy to get this oppurnity I wish to work for patient and whatever I can help them so I think this a good way to help them.
My wide range of skills in three different discipline will definitely be an asset for the company.
My strong willingness to want to learn new things. My ability to fully comprehend and retain information.
Not only do I have then qualifications but I have some maturity and experience, yet I am also willing and excited to learn new tasks.
With my experience as an AFA I have many transferable skills which I can bring to the team. I have experience in ordering consumables and making sure the correct equipment is there when needed. I have experience with nhs systems and procedures such as ip&c, the use of PPE and the disposal of clinical waste and sharps. In my current role we have to work as a team, communicate in order to complete task effectively i also have experience working to dead lines and was very successful at meeting them, I did this by breaking down the jobs and prioritised the work load.
I am focused, determined I have a passion to work from a lower level and work my way up a job with the knowledge and skills and always have time to keep growing as a person.
I have had training and the education in Phelbotomy, lab tests, ECG, and how to perform drug screen tests as well.
I'm a very dedicated person. I arrive on the job early and ready to go. I learn things very quickly and can juggles multiple tasks at a time. I get a long with everyone and just over all love helping everyone in every way possible that I can.
I am a technologist back home which I can contribute my knowledge and experience to this job.
My previous job experiences, my education and training and my interest to work in this feild.
I am the best person for this job because I have a positive attitude, I have good work ethics, I love to talk to people, and I am very accomodating.
Because I have the drive to succeed and to become the best at what I do. To help the company reach their goals and higher heights.
I have a background in biomedical science and set of skills that would suit a laboratory role.
My experience make me best for this job.
I have a burning desire to be the best at whatever I do, a desire to observe, learn and to educate myself and grow with the company, offering continued care for patients and their families needs.
My passion, dedication, loyality to the comapany I work for, my persistence to be the best at what I do, my drive to be educated in things unknown to me, my willingness to do what ever is required and asked of me.
Mesmerised by the laboratory world.
Have proper experience, education, interest in work.
My combination of education and lab experience with my work experience at a bank. There are many parrallels including attention to detail in both jobs.
I am dedicated to science, a quick learner, and excited to be able to assist you in your research in any way possible. I am also hardworking and committed.
Like before, I have had experience in different labs ranging from chemistry oriented to biology oriented labs which gives me a variety of experience.
I am hardworking, dedicated, and have attention to detail.
My personality and my knowledge about this job.
I'm motivated. I work well with others or alone. I'm trustworthy, responsible, and always on time.
My dedication. It wouldn't matter if I was the chief, the president, a teacher or a daycare I have this drive in me to always do my best.
My strenths fit well to fill the orgganizations needs. I work well independtly as well as in a team. I am able to work Sundays alone without overciming a problem I can not solve. I have no other obligations, life labs is my priority. I have great time management skills, I intuitively know where to be and what to do next in order to maintain proper workflow. And lastly I work well under pressure, I strive. I dont cave under stress, I always look for a way to organize work to make sure it gets done properly.
I have my degree in biology so I have taken many lab coursework.
I am able to work well with most people & complete task in a timely manner effectively & proficeintly.
My passion and dedication.
Clean, neat and carefully doing all works.
Specific skills and I get along well with all.
I feel that I am passionate and excited for this opportunity and ready to work hard.
My education, work experience and my passion for this work.
I have prevoius experience in a research laboratory and I am very enthusiast about the job.
My experiences, dedications, and hardworking experince that I have gained through work and thorugh classes.
My wide range of expereience from degree to lab work to healthcare clinical expereince.
I am intelligent, conscientious and hard working. I am an excellent timekeeper and work well in collaboration with other colleagues.
I know how to manage my time, prioritize for deadlines, perfectionist at maintaining a clean work environment.
I am reliable, consistent, and willing to learn. I am available to work for the next few years and really get a handle on what goes on in the lab.
I am fully qualified for this position, being a new grad I have fresh skills and knowledge and I am ready to emplement them in the lab. I continue to strive to be the best I can be and will be the hardest working employee who will go above and beyond of what the job requires.
With my skills obtained from my previous job,I am positive that I can perform with excellence whatever task you give me.
I am a reliable methodical, and very ambitious.
I multi-talented, won't back down from a challenge, outside of the box and I am a thinker who is ready to tackle the world.
This is a career path which I am invested in so I will work to the best of my abilities and maintain a high level of professionalism.
Iam organised, have relevant skills, good team member, always met deadlines.
My qualification, course I have done in Laboratory Techniques, my work experience and in tern my knowledge.
I am a fast learner and I will make this position my priority. I will be very enthusiastic about this job and I will never stop trying to improve and learn.
My good communication skills combined with my interest in pharmaceutical research will keep me motivated even when business is slow.
Dedicated to her work, dependable, timely, polite, and a team player.
My positive attitude, passion towards work, and motivation and other skills.
I feel I have learned what it means to genuinely care about others. I believe I have a great attitude, and handle many situations in which others have entered unhappy but left happy knowing someone genuinely did what they could to help them.
I'm holding a thermal detonator.
When I started new job at Microbiology and my job is clamyida for data inputting on system..... I think I am best person this job because I did quickly learn from colleague train me.
One of the required skills listed on Port Triton was ability to maintain sustained focus on a repetitive task along with familiarity with PC and precision with a computer mouse. Most of time when I worked at human resources office, I updated the data with employee’s name, job ID, social security number, birthday, and more. These tasks require a great focus and precision with mouse. I am confident that I meet those requirements.
One of the required skills listed on Port Triton was ability to maintain sustained focus on a repetitive task along with familiarity with PC and precision with a computer mouse. Most of time when I worked at human resources office, I updated the data with employee’s name, job ID, social security number, birthday, and more. These tasks require a great focus and precision with mouse. I am confident that I meet those requirements.
Love to teach, love to learn, love physiology.
The thing that makes me the best person is because of my experience in medical laboratory l have over 12 years experince.
Well, i'm dedicated to performing at my best at all times as well as improving myself. I have no problems taking instructions and I am able to constructive criticism for what it is.
I can be more synchronize, more organize, more clean, more flexible and a good, better, best communicator with an open mind and with a good and warm heart.
I can stay focused for extended periods of time and have no problem working alone. I quickly learn new techniques/procedures and am able to teach them well to others. I keep in mind the importance of safety, quality control, and how to minimize waste whenever in a laboratory setting.