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What are your career goals in the lab? Where do you see yourself in five years?
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In five years, hopefully I'll be working in the energy business. I haven't really planned that far ahead, I'm just taking it one semester at a time.
Initially now I would like to start as a Lab assistant and learn the work as much as I can. Then according to the hierarchy would like to rise in the same field and maybe in five years will lead a senior role as a Laboratory Technician.
Lab should be in proper condition well equipped and no issues related hardware and software to reach at all level of upcoming things.
I what gain all the knowledge and skills the lab has to often, and become apart of the Whittier family beyond 5 years.
I would love to be involved in any further trainings and personal development. Being a qualified and experienced biomedical scientist.
I wanna learn more in laboratory field. I enjoy working in this field.
I want to be a good laboratory technologist and want to perform in reputed company for which I am pursuing my further education. I want to see me at the post of Sr. Lab technician in five years.
I have to see myself in five years as chemist.
My career goals in the lab is gaining experience in echo view software. Echo view is software used by different experts in different fields, including the field i'm pursuing environmental engineering. Environmental engineers and managers use this to monitor, understand and manage marine and freshwater environments. In five years, I see myself working in environmental field and hopefully using the experiences I gain in the lab.
There is no career goals in my life....