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What are your career goals in the lab? Where do you see yourself in five years?
It's impossible to know where you will be in 5 years but do assure the interviewer that, given all possible circumstances, you could see yourself as a long-term fit for their position. You can show the interviewer how driven you are when you answer this but be sure to remain realistic to typical industry growth.
Answer examples
"Ideally, 5 years from now, I would love to see myself growing into a more prominent leadership role within the lab. My career interests align very nicely with your facility's goals which helps me to see a great long-term fit here."
Entry Level answer example
"If I am given the opportunity to join your clinic, I do see this as a long-term fit for me. Further down in my career, I would like to advance into a leadership role while remaining laboratory based."
Experienced answer example
"5 years from now, I would like to be supervising or managing a team of my own. I feel like I am progressing at a rate that will make this a possibility."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your career goals in the lab? Where do you see yourself in five years?
Get experience to be able to do more lab work.
There is no career goals in my life....
As an analyst with your laboratory.
I understand that the position is temporary, if at the end of the temporary period there was a more permant job availaable I would be very interested in the role to gain more experience and learn as much as I could so that I could progress up the chain of command. If there was no role available for me the information I would have gained would definately help with getting my foot in the door at another lab where I would hope to prgoress.
I have always been ambitious and would like to progress within my career.
My goals are to find advancements in the company and have a chance to pursue them.
In five years, hopefully I'll be working in the energy business. I haven't really planned that far ahead, I'm just taking it one semester at a time.
To do research to the best of my ability in order to discover how best to protect the environment. I see myself in a successful career doing groundbreaking research and helping humans live in harmony with nature.
To continue to always be improving and being the best lab assistant that I can strive to be. Hopefully furthering my passion in the lab and going back to school to become a medical lab tech.
My goal is to finished my all work within time period. I see my self after completion of my 5 year I must be learn a lot of things from here and I make sure my position as well as company positions grown up.
Working towards becoming a laboratory technician.
I have to see myself in five years as chemist.
To hone my skill and become a senior technician.
My goal right now is to find a position at a company where I can grow and take on new challenges over time. I'd like to assume more management responsibilities and get involved in product strategy. But most important I want to work for an organization where I can build a carrer.
I would like to master the basics and the complex techniques that come along with lab work to begin with and then I would like to become a medical laboratory scientist. In five years I see myself hopefully working in a hospital in Iowa in the lab as a medical lab scientist.
Widen knowledge laboratory . Expand career opportunities in nursing field.
I would really like to use this opportunity to develop my current practicle skills for my future career as a biomedical scientist, once I have a couple of years experience and have got to grips with the role I would like t exapand my understanding and continue my development through applying for the scientist training programme.
Achieve laboratory skills and I want see myself in nursing field.
Initially now I would like to start as a Lab assistant and learn the work as much as I can. Then according to the hierarchy would like to rise in the same field and maybe in five years will lead a senior role as a Laboratory Technician.
I hope to use the skills gained from working in your lab to help me attain acceptance into medical school. In the long term I hope that working in the lab will help me gain a greater appreciation and understanding for lab work and overall help me to be a better physician.
I want to be a superviser in lab.
I like to explore my knowledge in laboratory work.
In five years time, I potentially see myself working in a lab, researching and assisting in the development of new pharmaceuticals, particularly how individuals respond differently to certain drugs, and the genetic foundation for this research.
I want to become a dentist. In five years, I hope I am in a dental school getting ready to become a pediatric dentist.
I hope to be able to learn more about lab procedures and figure out if I am interested in pursuing a career in research. I am going to school in the fall for a PharmD degree, however I am also interested in possibly pursuing a Ph.D./PharmD double degree so that I can conduct my own research if I decide that I enjoy it.
In the lab I can see myself working as a laboratory technician assistant or in the future as a laboratory technician. In The long term, I do see myself in a lab setting, perhaps in pharmaceutical studies or medicinal fields that deal with the synthesis of materials. So I would actually be doing experiments and making products that are used to make things like drugs, prescription drugs, and seeing that what I have made in the laboratory is being used by people, or perhaps improving on an existing drug and make it better in various ways. The size, the side effects of the medicine all play a role in such improvements.
My career goals in the lab are to gain better understanding of different research or organisms by working on different things in the lab. I would also like to gain new skills and improve on the ones that I already have. In five years I hope to still be working in a lab but have more skill and be able to work on more complex lab models.
To be able to do the lab work more accurately and precisely. To become an experienced lab instructor.
Lab should be in proper condition well equipped and no issues related hardware and software to reach at all level of upcoming things.
I what gain all the knowledge and skills the lab has to often, and become apart of the Whittier family beyond 5 years.
My individual and lab drowth.
I will try my level best.
I want to be a good laboratory technologist and want to perform in reputed company for which I am pursuing my further education. I want to see me at the post of Sr. Lab technician in five years.
I prepared for an govt services, ido only as part time.
To firther advance my skills in the clinical sciences. In five years I would like to be pursuing my medical technologist position.
In 5 years I see myself looking for jobs as a Pharmacist. Science just intrigues me and I feel that working in the lab, witnessing the environment and (if given teh opportunity) being able to witness how a certian experiment is conducted, will all help me become a more knowledgeable person and gain a lot of experience which will definitely help me one day as a Clinial Pharmacist. In this lab, I will do whatever necessary to help Tangram continue to excel in its services.
To be an expert in instrumental chemist .
I have spent all my job career with computer field and I have completed the task that has been assigned to me.
To gain experience in the medical field. And in five years I want to be able to work in the hospital.
I really just want to immerse myself in a professional laboratory environment. I understand that this position is not necessarily a research position, but I believe this is the perfect first step for me to decide whether or not I want to work in a laboratory as a career. Otherwise I see myself applying to Physician's Assistant school.
Developing my career being a lab scientist.
My career goal is I want learn more about this job. And I will be senior post in five years.
My career goals are to excel at what I do and hopefully I see myself moving up the ladder.
I love lab work and want to pursue this further and enhance my skills. I am very interested in chromatography and enjoyed it throughout University. I have currently been using LC-MS in my masters project where I set up the instrument, create a method and interpret results using the software. I want to gain further experience in this feild and become and an expert in this. I would love to work to getting my charted chemist status and if this is possible it would be something id love to do.
My career in the lab is to become a lab techinician and I see my self as a techincian in labolatory.
I l get more knowledge in computer and my goal is to open my on IT school where I can give edcaution in IT for up coming generation.
I wanna learn more in laboratory field. I enjoy working in this field.
To work in a lab enviroment.
I would love to be involved in any further trainings and personal development. Being a qualified and experienced biomedical scientist.
I would like to further my education towards research into skin micro organisms.
My primary goal is to Put in my best on this job role, in order to achieve the goal of this great organization while developing myself and adding more value to the organization. While my main focus would be on this position and delivering excellent services. I'm hopeful that I would be able to grow within this organization to take on more challenges and be part of a new Project executable at the managerial level and becoming either a supervisor or a manager thereby mentoring other employee or a new recruit to be successful in this position.
My career goals in the lab is gaining experience in echo view software. Echo view is software used by different experts in different fields, including the field i'm pursuing environmental engineering. Environmental engineers and managers use this to monitor, understand and manage marine and freshwater environments. In five years, I see myself working in environmental field and hopefully using the experiences I gain in the lab.
My career goals in the lab is gaining experience in echo view software. Echo view is software used by different experts in different fields, including the field i'm pursuing environmental engineering. Environmental engineers and managers use this to monitor, understand and manage marine and freshwater environments. In five years, I see myself working in environmental field and hopefully using the experiences I gain in the lab.
I hope to gain experience and expand my knowledge of techniques and processes in the lab. Work my way up.
I am a very ambitious person, hence, I wanted to see myself fully established in this field and undergone more studies to further my knowledge and skills.