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Answer briefly and with a recent example. Back your claim with a time when a manager or supervisor complimented you on your attention to detail.
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"I am a very detail oriented person. My colleagues and supervisor regularly compliment me on my keen eye. Just last week I noticed that we were missing a sample from a patient. By noticing this, I was able to save a lot of extra time from the patient and work for the lab. My supervisor was very thankful that I had been paying such close attention."

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User-Submitted Answers

Very detailed oriented. When documenting anything that is a skill that has to be on point.
Very, I make sure I document everything.
If I were accompaning a pt. It would notice certain symptoms that could place them at higher risk.
I am very detail oriented and results oriented.
I am extremely detail oriented. This is something I recognized at an early stage in life. It carries through into all that I do in my daily life.
I know basic programming languages such as JAVA, c,C , and Database and Networking.
I am very methodical in my approach to the work I carry out and try my best to understand what task I am performing to the highest degree.
- very detailed orientated, when documenting anything that is a skill that has to be on point.
I am good at keeping records at every step, this I have learned during the lab notebook keeping at my previous job and during the coursework. I am very meticulous in that.
I have good organising skills and I will maintain a good records.
Extremely detailed oriented,I make sure everything is documented, organized and maintain good records.
I have excellent attention to detail and organization skills.
Using microtome was required to follow standard operating procedure therefore needed hand and eye coordination to pay attention every little detail of the specimen.
I am very detail oriented. It reflects not only in my work but also in my organizational skills.
I like things to be right and done correctly, I work hard to make sure I gets things as perfect as they possibly can be. If I am unsure about something I would ask someone for advice instead of taking a risk and doing something without being confident because I want to get something right the first time.
I pay attention to detail and making sure that my job gets done.
Details matter to me and are very important, it is usually the details that help me figure out the greatest discoveries.
I follow guidlines to the T, if you want it a specific way or in a specific order show me one time and ill have it just the way you described it to me.
I truly believe in the saying devil is in the details. If you overlook a simple things, it may later on give a very drastic result.
Detail oriented would be a great way to describe my personality. I was a student athlete so on the days I was actually able to attend class during season I had to make sure I took great notes to be able to refer to when we traveled. I am also very orginized and in the bookstore I was always asked to straighten up the shelves of text books.
Very detailed oriented. I understand the implications of being detail oriented for this position because it is important to prepare the specimens correctly and running the tests. And to do that you need to pay attention to detail, which can be expected of my part.
Extremely as a painter it is vital to be detailed orientated.
Very. I have always been someone who is a little quieter and likes to watch and observe, and those habits transitioned into my science skills.
I am very experienced in Mayo Clinic.
I completd b sc in pem group.
Iam the lazy one but I am a smart worker because the lazy one know the tricks to finish the work quick.
Am very well detail oriented, always knowing fully the procedures of my job duties and strictly adhering to the applicable regulations and laws.
I am extremely detail oriented. At my previous work experience as a sample recption laboratory technician, it was important that all data entered was correct and that the samples matched the computer data, therefore I constantly double or triple checked just to make sure that it was correct, minimising my mistakes.
I am very detailed oriented with my job and schooling.
I pay close attention to detail.
I am a very detailed person. Whether it comes down to explaining or observing, I pay attention to the process and understanding how something is done. I want to know where something derives from so I can fully comprehend a situation.
I put things in order from the most important/ urgent to least important/not urgent. It always help me to deal with any unexpected situation with lots of work load.
I like to stay ahead of my workload so I make notes throughout the day along with in between students I like to log It is very important to be very thoour.
Very, I like to document everything.
I follow precise procedures for every experiment performed. If there are any changes to the procedure, I write them down right away.
Working with pegasus has made me very detailed orient since I was dealing with different individuals on a day to day basis, and many times conflict arise that needs to me dealt with efficiently.
I like to put great detail into everything I do.
I have a strong attention to detail.
Really detail oriented person.
I look at every detaile and I pay attention to ever thing I do.
During my time in school I have learned to follow the lab protocol exactly. This allows me to have the most accurate and precise results that I possibly can.
Sir, presently I am working in such a section which include analysis of material using various types of chemicals and Instruments. I am well capable of operating all these instruments and have good hands on analysis. Presently what you need is a perfect match here.
I tend to obsess over the smallest detail therefore I find myself checking my work multiple times to make sure that it is correct and accurate. I am my worst critic lol.
I am very detail orientated, especially when it comes to sample tracking and data organization.
As I have masters on microbilogy, I know a simple characteristic can change a test result, so I am very specific and very detail oriented.
In science every detail is critical. As a lab assistant my attention to detail is paramount in order to provide accurate and efficient results.
It depends on the situation. When it comes to measuring, I am very detail oriented.
Having worked in an emergency room where I helped manage patient flow and treatment, I had to be very meticulous and detail oriented to successfully keep track of multiple patients at once. Otherwise, having studied and received a B.S. In molecular biology, I am used to considering many variables in a particular problem and therefore consider myself very detail oriented.
I feel that I am super detail-oriented, whether the job calls for it or not. I am naturally really observant, and usually notice things that others miss. This contributes to the quick pace at which I pick up things. Often times I stress over making sure things are up to my standards, but that has actually taught me to do things correctly the first time.
IM VERY DEATIL WHEN IT COUNTS. I take my job responsibilities very seriously.
Very, I make sure, I document everthing.
I am very detailed oriented. I take my time and make sure I give a consistent performance. Io also give attention to detail with my professionalism and reliability in the field.
I like to follow procedures very closely.
I make sure that I complete the task given to its fullest and ensure that it is done in a timely manner.
I am very detailed person. I believe that every aspects, part of the results or information will be beneficial and probably needed.
I am very detail oriented. I am knowledgeable and very precise.
I have a great attention to detail when following instructions so as I know I can avoid mistakes from occurring. Reading over records and paper work and closely observing whilst studying specimens.
I have experience so I can do better then others.
Yes I am quite detail orientated for example in my current role I feel that I take the time research what equipment is used for what that way I understand the load list's that little bit more. This enables me then to be able to make good decisions on quantities when ordering the stock.
I am such a person who has a lot of attention to detail as I am focused and I don't want to mis out in any information to me it's like a challenge I have as a determination.
I am a meticulous person,
I can quickly over look something and catch things someone else may have missed. I can think quick and react fast.
I'm thorough & I recheck my work for accuracy.
Get the job done at all times.
Very, kit is very important to pay extra attention to everything you do as it especially sample labeling.
What is your average day like?
Very detail orientated and organised.
I am extremely detailed. In the two professions I had in the US Air Force, attention to detail is paramount as it could cost someone their life.
I pay very close attention to details, and often catches mistakes before they can hinder my work our the department.
I pay attention to every detail.
I well manage my laboratory in which I work and daily perform experiment including new one too! Also motivate M.Tech student which are working with me.
Extremely organized, structured proticol.
Extremely organized, structured life personaly and professionaly.
Well details and documents oriented.
I am very detail oriented. I pay attention to every specific detail and make sure I don't miss not even one import factor.
Quick learner, work under pressure, multi task.
Extremely, when completing tasks I like to go by the statement measure twice cut once. Work is checked and double checked, and questions are asked.
I consider myself to be very detail oriented. I am pro-active and patient when observing a problem.
I am very detail oriented. I pay attention to results, and am thorough with my documentation of data.
I would say that I am very detailed in my work I always like to make sure everything is done before moving on to the next step in my work.
I have had previous jobs where attention to detail was critically such as nursing homes where we as pca would have to report any changes regarding patients attitude, mobility, blader incontinence, skin developed.
I am very detail oriented.
I am extremely detailed oriented.
I would say that im very detailed orientated. I am very observant from trivial matters in my day to day life to important tasks at work that someone may have missed. For example at work if I see that the picking lists havent been done for the next day then i'll take the initiative to do them. As stock maintenance is crucial for the day to day running of marks and spencer. I am sure stock control is of the utmost importance at almac especially if you have production deadlines. It would be terrible if they were late and I know that one of your core values is excellent customer focus in which you strive to exceed customers expectations and build relationships on integrity.
Very. I document everything. Keep excellent notes. And very organized.
I would say I'm detailed. I'm organizated. . I keep things too. Lol. Still have all my notes from the police Academy 10 years ago.
I am detail oriented in checking that I complete everything I need to, to a good standard and make the job of the next person easier, without wasting excess time.
In everything I have done, it has all been thoroughly thought out, organised in a timely manner and productively achieved .
In this live of work it is very important to be detail oriented, with every task I do I always make sure to focus, and analyze. I am very detail oriented while working.
Working as a teller I had to pick on details very closely to avoid fraudulent activities.
Very detailed to provide exact point of care.
Very, I like things to be precise and reproducible.
A lot of attention to detail.
I'm detail oriented when needed to be. I understand some things take greater time and detail and feel it's important to distinguish between the two.
Pretty detail oriented, emphasis to go through the instructions before working to minimise the chances of mistake.
I am very detail and I always follow the protocol.
I am very detailed orient. When I do stuff it needs to be exactly and perfectly the way it has to be.
Very detailed oriented. Every little deatil I see needs to be accurate or I cant be happy with it.
Very detailed oriented. Every little deatil I see needs to be accurate or I cant be happy with it.
I am very meticulous in my work and strive for perfection.
Very. I always pay attention to detail.
I am very detail oriented. I notice small details in situations. I have patience and determination to find a solution so it can be solved accuaratly.
Very much so. Whenever I am in a group project, I generally oversee every last bit of it, and everything comes under my inspection to make sure it is up to par.
In this position you have to be very detail oriented.
Natural keenness to dwell upon the topic under consideration and exploring the reason behind the cause.Pro-activeness to ideate and initiate plans for corrective actions.
I am very detail orientated, I try to make myself aware of my surroundings within a lab in order to avoid accidents such as spills or mixing up of reagents. I also try and learn from any details which I miss so that I can do better in the future.
Check how urgent it is, which department the specimen reach the time frame, how frequently the testing are done and when dose the doctor needs the result.
Where required I would present with details so that the task becomes easy to understand.
I am very detail oriented.
I am very detail oriented.
I pay very close attention to details, especially in this line of work, remembering this could be a matter of a missed diagnosis or not.
I do my responsibility very accurately which I have told to do. Can perform under stressfull situation with same motivation and dedication.
I pay extremem attention to detail. One wrong move can be a potential health risk or could mean inadequate results or patient information. I am always acting under preventative measures.
You just need to know that it will go bang.
First few minutes to listen or to think then act.
I think I am pretty detail oriented considering my performance in my previous job in human resources office. I updated the data with employee's name, job ID, social security number, birthday, and more. These tasks require a great focus and close attention to details.
I think I am pretty detail oriented considering my performance in my previous job in human resources office. I updated the data with employee's name, job ID, social security number, birthday, and more. These tasks require a great focus and close attention to details.
I am very detail oriented. I dislike not having clear details in a situation because I feel that this leads to mistakes and miscommunication.